Glass With a Twist Pilsner Glasses Review

        Kevin and I have shared the same two goals from the day we started dating.   Some may think they are a little strage or far fetched but they are our hopes for our future and for our children.  Its amazing that we both have felt the same way from day one.  We hope to do one of two things some day as a business - Open a pub or run a Halloween attraction.  We both have an obvious passion for Halloween.  But my experience in opening restaurants and in training in the food industry and Kevins extensive retail management background, we feel we have a true shot and making something happen.  We have a pretty good knowledge of the ups and downs of the business and are very realistic about what it takes to open any business really.

        Unfortunately, these goals of ours are more than likely not going to happen just anytime soon.  We are struggling financially quite a bit and as every knows these things take money - a lot of it.  Since we don't quite have the backing just yet we make our dreams work for us in our own home.  You've heard me discuss how much we decorate and do for Halloween.  And when it comes to the pub dream, we are always updating our entertaining areas around the home inside and out.  We take notes along the way of what works and what doesn't
         Attention to detail is of course top priority on my list.  I want everything clean, in place, and noted that it is directly created or from me since we have our own sense of style.  Glass with a Twist is exactly what I am talking about.  While browsing around at barware, I came across them and their unique glassware.  These are all custom engraved glassware.
         Glass with a Twist offers individual or bulk etched designs with choices that you can choose from or design your own.  Most of their glasses are etched via sandblastic but for certain custom designs lazer engravers are used.  I was thrilled to see how quickly my design was created and shipped to me.  We chose the pilsner glasses for obvious reasons and they are beautifully made with a high quality glass.  We began using these right away as a nice little touch and a way to show everyone these are our glasses with that little extra detail.

Cost:  $16.95 for one or the more you order the less per piece.
9 or more $8.95 each
Available to purchase:  Glass with a Twist
Recommendation:  I can't wait to use these for say St Patrick's Day with maybe a fun green beer to accent the shamrocks.  I plan on ordering more once we have a bar to stock even though we already have tons of glassware purchased and ready to go.  The pricing is great especially if you are buying in bulk.  But regardless a set of these would make a great wedding gift.
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  1. These would be good for the basement bar and homebrew.

  2. These would be good for the basement bar and homebrew.


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