Pure Prescriptions New Greens Berry Super Food Review and Giveaway

        As I am sure you have been seeing a lot of discussion lately on my facebook page.  I have been attempting a raw foods/juice diet.  I am not only trying to lose weight but cleanse my system.  I am so sick of feeling helpless and over weight.  When a friend recently told me how much weight and how quickly she lost it, I had to give this new option a try.

        There are of course several different ways to go about a juice only cleanse or raw foods diet.  I decided that I would take it one day at a time.  New Greens had just asked me to review their Berry Super Food 15+ so I thought what better of a time to start.  Each day I have been drinking nothing but tons of water, 1 small bottle of Odwalla Superfood juice, and several glasses of my New Greens Berry formula.

         The Berry formula contains "54 individual antioxidants, enzymes and key botanical ingredients".  This drink is perfect for someone with little time for meals or someone looking to get that "natural" boost of energy without loading up on Red Bull and Monsters.  Each glass provides 15 or more servings of fruit and veges.  This has worked wonderfully as an addition to (and motivator to start) my new diet.  Normally when you find these protein drinks or even so called health juices they are loaded with calories.  The Odwalla juice averages more calories than a beer which really demotivates.  At that rate I might as well continue drinking my beer each day instead of juice.

        New Greens Berry only has 40 calories in each serving/glass.  You know I'll be honest about how bad most dieting drinks taste and this one was great!  You can mix your powder with juice, water or any type of milk.  I've been mixing mine with water and it tastes like a vitamin water or koolaid but I'm sure it would taste like a fruit juice and strawberry milk when mixed with the others.

        So how did this one work as compared to the others I've tried?  I have been on this diet for each day for the last week.  Although I obviously haven't noticed a thinner fasique in this short period of time, I have dropped approximately ## pounds without any change in my exercising.  Again, I am not yet comfortable showing off any before and after pictures even with full clothing on.  I still feel like I have quite a bit to go.
Cost:  $44.97 - 30 day supply pouch
Available to purchase:  New Greens
Recommendation:  As much as I think this price is kind of outrageous, I actually liked this product for once and it worked for me.  This says a lot since I have tried several nonexercising options to lose weight.  They also have available two other superfood powders one step above and one step below this level which I'd like to try although I'm sure this one would be my favorite because of flavor.
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Giveaway:  New Greens is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a New Greens Berry pouch of their own to try!  Look for the link to the Create a New You for the New Year Giveaway starting 10/10/12 with tons of other great health products included!!

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