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Bistro M.D.

        As I am sure you have been seeing a lot of discussion lately on my facebook page.  I am not only trying to lose weight but cleanse my system of all the toxins.  I am so sick of feeling helpless and over weight.  But with any diet, the key is still eating.  Your body needs some sort of nutrition in the proper portions.  Starving yourself really is just that and it almost is all for a waste because your body then works against you to store the fat you have instead of burning it.

        So here in lies my problem.  I try all these diets but either I can't eat the foods I love or I have a hard time staying on track with each meal/snack and calories.  Plus, as a personal cook, I hate nothing more than the "diet" microwave meals that taste terrible or fake.

        So when I started looking into all these different diets I also wanted to look into meal plans to go along with them.  I wanted everyone to know what other option were out there because they ARE out there!  BistroMD is one of them that I am so glad I discovered.

        BistroMD was developed by Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., a board certified bariatric physician "as a way to help her patients maintain healthy weight loss on their own at home." Because you can customize your own meal plan, people from age 18 to 80 can still lose weight and feel good about it.

        "BistroMD is not just convenient, low-calorie food. Each meal and each day is designed with the proper combination of nutrients. From the amount of lean, adequate protein in our entrées and snacks to the proper balance of carbohydrates, fat and fiber; each ingredient is selected to provide the proper nutrition needed to promote healthy weight loss."

        What I love about this program is the support.  Not only do you get weekly deliveries so as your needs change so can this just like grocery shopping for yourself but you can find support through newsletters and their blog. There are also a bunch of health videos and free support from our expert dietitians.

        There is tons of food and snack available and everything tastes great.  The first think I noticed was the fact that the chicken was real chicken.  Now of course its somewhat real in the other microwave meal brands but it always tastes like crap and rubbery or whatnot.  This food tasted like it came from a grill, stove top, or oven - NOT A MICROWAVE.

        Now this is my first go at a meal plan so I don't have another one to compare it to unless you count the "Healthy Choice"  I have been on this meal plan with my HCG1234 Diet for the last week.  Although I obviously haven't noticed a thinner fasique in this short period of time, I have dropped approximately ## pounds without any change in my exercising.  Again, I am not yet comfortable showing off any before and after pictures even with full clothing on.  I still feel like I have quite a bit to go.

Cost:  $129.95 - 5 days Breakfast Lunch and Dinner (no snacks)
Available to purchase:  BistroMD 
Recommendation:  I think this price is kind of expensive but only because I am a couponer when grocery shopping.  In comparison to other delivery meal plans they are extremely reasonable in pricing in fact probably cheaper than most.  I actually liked these meals for once and it worked for me.
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Giveaway:  BistroMD is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a 5 Day Meal Plan Delivery of their own to try!

Look for the Create a New You Giveaway Event beginning on 10/10/12 to win this wonderful package from BistroMD.

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