CIRÉ BY GRANDOE HomeSpun Glove Line Review

        Born and raised in Michigan, I have always been around cold weather.  Never in my life and I mean never have I been a fan of it!  I don't enjoy outdoor winter sports and even though I will drag my butt outside each year with my children, I dread every moment of it.

        Part of that is the bundling up in layers that you ultimately have to take back off.  The other is just being cold isn't fun.  Everything on my body seems to dry out or get chapped and it takes forever to warm back up.  Last year CIRÉ came out with their awesome touch screen gloves and this year they one upped themselves by creating their new Homespun line.

        "The Homespun Glove ($35) is a fun extended length glove with a little gathering on the sides. The length of this glove and the fleece lining will keep your hands toasty warm and comfortable...the glove has an aloe treated snow fleece lining to soften your hands as you wear them."  There are a few different styles available in four different patterns: Moose Tracks, Snowflake, Rainbow and Lavender.

        You can truly feel the aloe each time you wear the gloves.  Not only are they the softest inside and very warm in the bitter cold but once you take them off, you feel as though you just had an amazing manicure.  Unfortunately for me, Alana scooped these up once she realized what they did and how great they are.  Now I guess I'm forced to go buy my own pair!
Homespun Flip Texting Mitt
Cost:  $35
Available to purchase:  CIRÉ Store
Recommendation:  Super cool product and totally worth the cost when you think about what you would be paying for a good pair of gloves anyway!  These are definitely a very cozy pair of gloves to own.
Twitter:  @cirebygrandoe

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