Insect Lore Ant Hill and Buzzerks Masks Review and Giveaway

        I have always been curious when shopping through stores like Toys 'R' Us about the live creature domes and similar items.  I have just always been afraid to purchase them.  As much as I love all my pets and encourage my kids to be involved in nature as much as possible, there is just something that makes me uneasy about hatching insects inside my home.  Insect Lore is actually the company who makes the products you see in stores like this.

        Insect Lore is actually the creator of the original Butterfly Garden habitat.  "Founded in California's San Joaquin Valley by Carlos White, an entomologist working with insects in the agricultural industry in 1965."  Insect Lore has since then expanded the insect lineup offer things like ants, ladybugs, frogs, as well as different educational bug toys and supplies.

        Insect Lore was kind enough to send me a few products for the boys to play with - The Anthill and 2 Buzzerks Masks.  Unfortunately I am not thrilled with their choice to send me an anthill and not because I am not greatful but because really who purposely wants to bring ants into their home??  Its bad enough I have children who leave crumbs everywhere that I am stuck cleaning up constantly to avoid attracting the ants.  I know because I have boys they decided not to send me the butterflies or ladybugs but I have to be honest so far the ant hill has not been started and probably will be used for some sort of other project.
        The Buzzerks Masks were our favorite!  The boys loved putting them on and running around with them pretending to be bugs crawling all over the couches and floor.  These masks not only let the children pretend to be insects but they even let them see the world as if they were bugs themselves.  These were absolutely great!  Dane wore his mask the whole drive from Michigan to Georgia last weekend.

        Insect Lore really is a great way to get your kids involved in nature.  They can watch how habitats are formed and how these tiny creatures live their lives.  Even the toys are educational and help spark the kids imagination into these miniature worlds.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $19.99 Ant Farm
                              $7.99  Buzzerks Mantis Mask / Fire Ant
Recommendation:   The costs of all these products is really reasonable especially when you factor in all the learning that goes into each toy or habitat.  I still don't really understand why someone would want to bring an insect into their home but I say this being the woman who has a pet snake which eats rodents and a worm compost in my garage.  I guess it is just a difference of opinion for each persons preference.
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Giveaway:  Insect Lore is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers an Ant Hill Kit of their own!

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