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        With Christmas quickly approaching, I have been looking through new stores online so I don't have to fight the crowds to get what little toys are even out at the stores.  I live in a very populated area and during the holiday season traffic is horrendous not to mention the crowds and lack in stock of everything.  Last year online shopping became a must for my family.  One of the awesome companies I discovered has been Mindware.
Q-BA-MAZE 2.0 Big Box
        Wow, you could spend hours on this site and still barely see everything they have to offer!  You can browse around by age group or category or even by their best sellers/award winners.  After alot of time spent narrowing down my (several) choices, I decided to get the Q-BA-MAZE Big Box.

        I had originally planned this for Dane but as you can see from my pictures the teenagers were really into it.  The box says ages 5 and up but I would recommend even a tiny bit older after watching the girls play with it a bunch.

        It was quite the task for everyone in our house to figure out how to properly rotate each cube to get the marble to follow the correct path.  Declan even enjoyed dishing out directions to everyone!  He also liked being the one to throw all the marbles in when the mazes were all together.  This truly was a good FAMILY toy!

Cost:  $39.95 Q-BA-MAZE Big Box
Available to purchase:  Mindware
Recommendation: This was great toy for everyone.  It kept all three kids plus Alana's friend entertained for quite some time and still going.  This website itself is awesome for just about every age/every toy you can think of.  You will definitely want to check them out this holiday season!
Facebook:  Mindware
Twitter:  @Mindwaretoys

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