Ozeri Electric Pepper Grinder Review

        Hi, my name is Chantel, and I’m addicted to pepper….   Not to make light of the 12 step program at all, but I do have a lifelong love affair with pepper.  My grandfather used to actually unscrew the cap on the pepper to ‘sprinkle’ more of it on his food.  You should have seen a waitress’s reaction, thinking that the cap fell off and they’d offer a whole new meal, apologizing profusely….. Yep, that’s where I get it from.  Things definitely do skip a generation in my family!  

        All joking aside, I’m the same exact way.  But I like fresh pepper much better and in order to get the taste that I like, I’d be on my way to major carpal tunnel syndrome!  I was recently sent the Ozeri Electric Pepper Grinder.  I was of course thrilled to give it a try since I am sick and tired of grinding mine for the copious amounts I like to use on each meal.  
        Literally at the push of a button, you get freshly ground pepper.  It has 3 coarseness options - fine, medium and coarse.  It also has a clear container so you can see how low you’re getting with your peppercorn.  This is of course a perk for someone like me to keep it readily stocked full.  It hasn't jammed up once and comes apart very easily to clean and refill.  It’s fabulous! I love the very sleek design that would easily fit in with any decor in most peoples kitchens.  My only complaint is that it takes SIX AA batteries which I think it a lot for something this small.

Available to purchase:  Amazon
Recommendation:  This is a great product that I can only look forward to using more, I even want to order another for my sea salt! It is a high quality, durable product, that would make a great gift for that person 'who has everything', and we all know one of those!
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  1. Wow, all you have to do is push a button? I love electronics these days! I want one!


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