Dr. Max Powers Stretch Mark Cream Review

        As any of you moms out there know having babies can be a pain.  I'm not talking about the real pain though I am talking about the scarring.  I thought I was in the clear during month 8 of my first pregnancy as I showed no signs of stretch marks anywhere.  I stopped using my body butter as much which was several times throughout the day.  This was a huge mistake because they waited until week 38 to pop out and then they were everywhere!

        Although I do feel a certain sentimental feeling when I look at them covering my stomach, I know my tummy will never be the same.  I went from a cute stomach to a flabby and marked up belly.  I also have a scar from my two c-sections.  I feel like even if I ever got rid of the flab I would still be embarrassed if someone saw my stomach because of the stretch mark party I've got going on down there.  I recently discovered Dr. Max Powers Stretch Mark Cream and had to try it!
        Right away I noticed the strong minty smell which had me feeling refreshed.  Dane also noticed it right away as he entered my bathroom.  The cream was thick but spread easily without being greasy.  The stretch cream is supposed to reduce the appearance of visible scars and increase skin elasticity.  Made from organic ingredients, the cream also promotes collagen production.  They recommend you apply once daily for at least a month to notice any reduction and prior to any workouts to help skin elasticity.

Cost: $14.99 Stretch Mark Treatment
Available to Purchase:  DrMaxPowers 
Recommendation:  Do I think it worked, yes pretty good but it is hard to tell after only a few weeks but my skin feels better.  The price is pretty decent for a scar treatment as it seems like these are usually much higher priced.
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