Super excited about being a part of the Lionsgate blogger program, I have yet another great DVD to share with you all! This time we received "LET’S EXPLORE WITH THOMAS 4-DVD SET".  As I said in the last DVD review my boys have always been strange ones in my opinion when it comes to watching there children's programs.  They both love things like Tinkerbell or strawberry shortcake and not a ton of boyish shows.  I guess the biggest thing is we don't watch a whole ton of TV in our house....usually just movies and video games.  One of the shows that Dane has always been a fan of though has been Thomas the Train.  He loves his toy trains and "helping" his other cars out.
Thomas & Friends®: Let’s Explore With Thomas DVD Box Art

        Thomas & Friends: Calling All Engines synopsis says "Summertime is always beautiful on the Island of Sodor. It is a busy time for all of the engines…but when the Steam engines and Diesels can’t get along, and no work is getting done, the engines are in a terrible mess! Will the new airport be ready in time? Will the bridge get built? Can the engines save the day? Find out in Calling All Engines!"
-I have to say Dane was a little disappointed when we started watching these short movies because they are I guess what I would call the old fashioned version of Thomas the train because they weren't the cartoon version or very action packed.

        Thomas & Friends: Tales from the Tracks synopsis says "Join Thomas for a birthday picnic, discover a ghost engine that’s not what it seems and learn the legend of a very special lamp with Peter Sam! Then try and keep up with James, listen to Rusty’s beautiful music and make tracks as Thomas tries his best. There’s excitement around every bend in Tales from the Tracks!"

-After watching the second movie today we have decided these are geared more for the younger kids between ages 2-3.  Declan seemed much more into these versions and the focus they had on objects and music.  From Dane's mouth we were told, "These are lame".  Now I have no idea where he even learned that word but he wanted Blue Mountain Mystery on after watching two of the DVDs.
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        Thomas & Friends: Come Ride the Rails synopsis says "Come ride the rails to fun and adventure with Thomas and the other “Really Useful Engines” as they make tracks to great destinations!  Molly is the new engine on Sodor—will she find the perfect job? Gordon learns a lesson in respect and Emily wants to be Queen for a day. Will Thomas and Percy finish their work in time to see a very special bird? Join the fun and excitement in Come Ride the Rails!

-Dane said this one was all about finding your "job".  He said it was kind of like in class where his friends all have different tasks each time they clean up.
Thomas the Tank Engine
        Thomas & Friends: It’s Great to Be an Engine synopsis says "Every season on the Island of Sodor brings new opportunities for adventure and discovery. Will Emily get the timber to Farmer McColl in time to save the baby calves? Will Toby muster enough confidence to push Gordon up a hill? Share in these timeless stories, and you’ll see why It’s Great to Be an Engine!

-Dane mentioned this was his favorite of the four since it was all about being a train!  He said everyone was helpful to each other which is "the right thing to do".

Cost:  $24.98 Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack or $19.98 DVD
Recommendation:  Well, there isn't much to say that I didn't already mention after each DVD except for the price you do get 4 DVD's plus extra features which is a good deal.  However being that Dane seemed past the appropriate age for these specific ones I'd have to say I would pass on something similar in the future.  Declan on the other hand was very into each story.
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Title Copyright: © 2012 HIT Entertainment Limited. Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends™ Based on The Railway Series by The Reverend W Awdry.  Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends and Thomas & Friends are trademarks of Gullane (Thomas) Limited.  Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends and Design is Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off.
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DVD Feature Running Time: 228 minutes
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