ManGroomer BizWipes / LadyGroomer Women Wipes Review


        So now even though I have always been more of a low maintenance, tomboy chick with tons of guy friends, I'm still new in to the world of men.  I am the first in four generations to have a boy and the whole "Personal care and grooming" of a guy is an unexplored region for me.  I was lucky enough to find a clean cut guy to marry (obviously attraction is part of why we got married haha).  BUT I gave birth to one hairy as hell son.

        Earlier this year I shared with you about the great company ManGroomer which helped me out with all those weird man part issues.  These have been such wonderful tools that Kevin continues to use.  I'm sure even though my boys are young it wont be long until he needs to start teaching them as well.  This company has created some really awesome do it yourself tools for your man (or boys as well in my case).
        Recently ManGroomer contacted me to do another review of their newest product line personal wipes - LADYGROOMER™ WomanWipes™ and MANGROOMER® BizWipes™.  "Woman Wipes are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and are free of parabens and alcohol. Vitamin E and Aloe added for an ultra-soft soothing feel for sensitive skin, plus fresh feminine scent."

        This has been such a fun review because of how hilarious I believe my husband can be especially about personal topics.  Right away he was the first one to try the ManGroomer wipes.  He had quite a few jokes to tell regarding the wipes and their "Executive Scent" but all in all he's been using them since they arrived through the door.  Although I haven't used the Lady Groomer wipes a ton, they were definitely a refreshing change from any others I've used in the past.  Both are moist, refreshing and completely flush-able.
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Cost:  $4.95/pack
Available to purchase:  ManGroomer
Recommendation:  These are all such awesome tools for guys of all types whether they like a lil trim or an all over shave.  The prices in my opinion are fantastic as well as it ship very quickly!  These wipes are a great addition to your gym bag or bathroom.
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