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Organic Valley
     When we first switched Dane from breast milk to cows milk, he flat out refused for quite a period of time.  We had to struggle to find a good source of calcium and other vitamins.  It was a daily fight so when we knew we would have to start weaning Declan off the breast milk, we better prepare ourselves for this fight.  Thankfully having the knowledge this time, we still had the time to transition through formula for a month or two.  A lot of you I'm sure will disagree with this choice but in this time we would squirt a very small amount of chocolate syrup into the formula about 50% of the time.  Thus making our transition to (chocolate) cows milk virtually unnoticeable 

     Problem is the kids go through milk like it is no one's business.  As good as milk is for you, it is also pretty bad or fattening.  Whole milk is loaded with calories.  We have been trying to make a family transition into the organic world beginning with our fruits and vege's.  So when Organic Valley asked me to review a few of their products I was pumped to head out to the grocery store the day my coupons came in.
Orange Juice, 59 oz with Pulp
     I was crushed to find out though that my Kroger only carried the Organic Valley milk.  Yes my plan was to get milk as I described how much we go through above.  However, I wanted to give one of their cheeses a try as well since we are such huge cheese fans.  Not letting this get me down I got two gallons of milk to give a try.

     Unfortunately, I have to say the organic and lactose free milk is not for me.  Alana and Kevin gave it a try and thought it tasted almost spoiled to them.  The boys didn't seem to notice if I added the chocolate or strawberry syrup but I don't think they were huge fans of it either.  I even passed it along to Chantel and her family especially because Chase has a slight milk allergy.  She said none of the adults were fans but Chase sucked it up without a question.  I am seriously so upset I didn't save my other coupon for one of the tons of other products they carry.  Those products include milk, cheese, creams, juice, butter, eggs, yogurt produce and meat.
American Singles, 8 oz
     Organic Valley seems to remind me a TON of Lucky Leaf as their values just seem to hit close to home.  They feel the way I feel about providing my family with the healthiest products for not only them but the environment as well.  "If a company is going to make a difference in today’s world, it’s going to have to think differently. At Organic Valley, our philosophy and decisions are based on the health and welfare of people, animals and the earth. We’re a mission-driven cooperative, owned by family farmers, and we’ve been leaders in organic agriculture from the very beginning."

Cost: $6.99 Organic Lactose Free Milk Gallon
Available to purchase: Store Locator 
Recommendation:  I would actually love to try more of the other products to get even more of a feel for what they have to offer.  A lot of the products seem to be a decent price for organic and they offer coupons from time to time.  This seems like a company that truly provides a quality product.  The milk taste just wasn't for us.
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