Primula Flavor It Pitcher 3-in-1 Beverage System Review

        You know most of the kitchen gadgets I get to review I obviously like and use pretty frequently .  It is often rare though to find one the entire family enjoys.  I was recently sent the Primula Flavor It Pitcher 3-in-1 Beverage System to review and we are absolutely in love in our household.

        The primula pitcher can be filled with just about anything from fresh fruit to herbs or spices.  "Whether you're brewing hot or cold coffee or tea, infusing fresh fruit flavors into water, infusing mint or lavender into lemonade, or chilling mojitos for entertaining - Flavor It is an eco-friendly alternative to infused bottled beverages."

        Included with you beverage system is a Flavor Infuser where you can fill with fresh fruit or vegetables. Also included is a Stainless Steel Tea Infuser which you can use to brew loose tea or ground coffee. And finally a Chill Core filled with non-toxic gel is included to keep your beverage cold without diluting flavor.

        I seriously think my family would go into a state of panic if they woke up one morning and this was gone.  We haven't gone a day without creating something yummy and fresh.  Our favorite has been fresh strawberry lemonade which the kids can't get enough of but Kevin and I prefer southern style sweet tea.

        Best part of this is that I know what they are drinking and there's no artificial flavoring or other additives that I've never heard of being used.  The entire system is also dishwasher top shelf safe so no sticky messes to clean up afterwards.

Cost:  $29.99
Available to purchase:  Primula 
Recommendation:  There's really not much to say that is negative as I think this is the best beverage system I have stumbled across so far.  Its not much more expensive than any other product in its category and it is well worth the purchase.  I am sure this will last a long time even with our excessive use!
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