The Everything Outdoor Store Grilling Essentials Review and Giveaway

The Everything Outdoor Store - Wayland, MI

        One of the best times of year is the fall as the weather starts cooling and football season starts.  We love to tailgate any time we can and frequently try to throw football parties for any game we can.  We also love camping event though we don't get the chance to do it as often as we'd like.  This usually this means grilling for dinner!

        Looking for camping supplies this last time I discovered The Everything Outdoor Store.  "TEOS was developed out of the desire to bring all aspects of the outdoors to one website.   Whether it is walking the dog, organizing the garage or going for a weekend camping trip; TEOS has something for you."

        I was given the opportunity to review several grilling products from TEOS - Beer Can Chicken Cooker, Branch Skewer, Non-Stick Grill Pan, Non-Stick Grilling Skillet, Telescopic Camping Fork, 2 pc Flexible Grilling Skewer.  There were different categories to choose from depending on your needs.

        As compared to other products you can find at sites like this, these were not cheaply made. I am in love with both of the skewers.  First of all the Branch Skewer can be used for just about anything from vegetables and meats to marshmallows   The Flexible Grilling Skewers are awesome!  They fit a ridiculous amount of food on them and can be curved and "s" shaped.

        The grilling skillet and pan are a great tool for cooking some shrimp on the grill or for other seafood like salmon.  They are non stick and also help keep from these tender foods from falling through the grill grates.  You can also saute vegetable easily with that amazing grill flavor.

        If you've never had beer can chicken you do not know what you are missing out on!  You don't even have to use beer you can use a cherry cola or a can filled with apple juice.  Whatever it is the chicken comes out so amazingly tender and flavorful.  This is an awesome grilling tool that everyone must have at a great price.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $na Beer Can Chicken Cooker 
$8.99  Branch Skewer 
$10.99 Non-Stick Grill Pan 
$10.99 Non-Stick Grilling Skillet 
$4.99 Telescopic Camping Fork 
$6.99 2 pc Flexible Grilling Skewer 
Recommendation:  These can be used at home or while camping and are very cheaply priced for high quality cooking tools.  What a great gift for anyone including yourself!  I love each of these products and cannot wait to show them off at our next get together!
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Giveaway:  The Everything Outdoor Store is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Beer Can Chicken Cooker, Branch Skewer, Non-Stick Grilling Skillet, and 2 pc Flexible Grilling Skewer of their own!

Look for the giveaway here "Do The Outdoors Right" Event.

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