Top Trendz Multiple Products Review and Giveaway

         As a product reviewer, I of course am always trying to get things that pertain to each child's interests and their specific age.  There is one thing that very rarely happens in our house because of my kids large age gaps.  They never see something that they all want or like.  But when I was asked to review Top Trenz things changed.  It was actually great this time around because they had something for everyone

         Top Trenz, Inc is owned by brothers, Corey and Jamie Glassberg.  They "are on top of the latest trends and are the proud creators of the exciting UNDEE BANDZ tie dye line of all categories of bags, fashion accessories, hair accessories and clothing line!"

         Now I have to start off by saying I have no idea what is with this mustache trend that is going around.  My kids and my sisters (both adults) are all obsessed and I see people posting silly pictures on facebook all the time.  I don't get it and personally I think it is dumb but Top Trenz is on top of this latest trend as I was able to get Alana a mustache everything!

         We got the Mustache glitter Necklace, Mustache glitter/mood changing Necklace, and the Mustache adjustable ring.  I actually expected this to be cheapy jewelry like you would get from a bulk party catalogue but it wasn't.  I mean we are talking Claire's quality so obviously not real or anything but pretty sturdy.

         In addition to the mustache items Alana was able to pick out a bandana print headband (which was oober cute), Adjustable LOVE Bracelets, a Zip up hoody tie dye shirt with crystal applique, and a tie dye Duffle Bag.  Everyone complimented Alana on her bag so she was thrilled she picked it out.  She uses it for sleepovers and to tote her gear to and from color guard practice and it seems to be holding up really well.

         Last but not least we had to still pick something out for the boys so we chose the Blinking Light up peace glitter ball and the squishy light up ball because of their love of balls.  We honestly have more balls in this house than I can count (no pun intended)!  But they play with each of them and these two are now their new favorites because they light up!

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $6 bandana print headbands 
$2.50 MUSTACHE adjustable rings
$4 Mustache glitter/mood changing Necklace 
$38 Zip up hoody tie dye shirt with crystal applique 
$30 Duffle Bag 
$7 Adjustable LOVE Bracelets 
$4 Blinking Light up peace glitter balls 
Recommendation:   I think these are all great and really cheap prices too!  I think that if you have a lil one going to camp or active in a sport/dance that they will love any of the fashion accessories and clothing!  I would even recommend buying these items in bulk for a party or event!
Facebook:  Top Trenz
Twitter: @TopTrenz

Giveaway:  Top Trenz is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a $200 Gift Certificate to get any items of their own!  The giveaway is part of the Top Trenz for the New Year Event starting tonight at 7pm.

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