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        If you are anything like me and my husband, you are always asking things like "Why don't they have one of these? or Wouldn't it be great if they made something like this?"  We are always trying to think up unique gadgets for different problem areas of the kitchen (and of course other areas of the home).  We have had tons of great ideas but no resources to actually see if they would be something others are interested in.

        Dreamfarm is a website that provides exactly that - unique and useful kitchen products.  They have several products you never realized you needed but seem indispensable once you have them.

        "We are Dreamfarm and we solve problems. It's our purpose. It's the reason we are here. Dreamfarm products are different. They may look odd, but they work brilliantly. That's because at Dreamfarm we don't sit around designing new shapes for old ideas."

        I was sent over the Chobs to review which I misunderstood as being an actual cutting board.  However, it is basically pegs or a little step stool for your cutting board.  Chobs raises your cutting board so there is a small space left on the underside.  This way you can easily use both sides without concern that the underneath is dirty or even dirtying your counter top when flipping.

        Each side of the Chobs are colored icons which let you know which side you've used to cut meat or veges.  Because these are non-slip they are also dishwasher safe and fit to most any thickness of cutting boards.

Cost:  $11.95
Available to purchase:  Dream Farm 
Recommendation:  I did like adding this to my bamboo cutting boards however, at $12 for just these and no cutting board, I'm not quite sure I would spend the money.  This isn't that expensive though, I am just picky about what I spend money on in the kitchen and how much use I will get out of it.  Definitely check out the website though as there are a ton of gadgets I would love to have as part of my kitchen and ones that I never even thoughts of!
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Twitter:  @WeAreDreamfarm
YouTube:  Dream Farm 

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