EcoZoom Versa Lite Stove Review and "Just in Case" Giveaway

        So this is going to be an interesting review to read if you have the time!  I want to start off by saying everyone again is entitled to their own opinions as am I!  In saying do you feel about the supposed end of the world coming in the next few weeks?  What about the Zombie apocalypse that people seem to think is slowly happening?  Here are my thoughts...

        First and foremost I truly believe we need to start teaching our children how to survive without all the luxuries they have become accustom to - you just never know what could happen in the future.  This is why I garden year round, sew as many things as I can, make as many of my own products, and use as little energy as I can.  I also teach my kids how to do these things right along side me.
        As far as the questions I asked...I refuse to believe the world will end any time soon as I want my children to live the long lives they deserve!  I would not be opposed to something similar to the popular TV show "Revolution" where all the technology and power are taken away from us.  Even though my life revolves around technology, I think we all need to be put back in our places a bit and learn how to take care of ourselves, each other, and the planet.

        When it comes to a Zombie apocalypse I think it is just plain silly.  My husband and I have been designated as the know it all family though if this happens.  We are obsessed with Halloween and have even gone as far as teaching our older son how to fight and kill Zombies (lol).  He and my daughter are very prepared for any state of emergency that could come our way!
        In saying this, I recently discovered one really awesome company that is there to help you prepare for something like this.  EcoZoom provides highly efficient, durable clean cookstoves.  They believe "that people of any economic status should have access to beautifully designed cooking products that will improve their health, income, and environment."
        They were able to send me over the EcoZoom's Versa Lite Stove.  This is perfect for any catastrophe because it can burn wood, dried biomass or charcoal.  Each stove design is made so that very little fuel is needed.  EcoZoom's stoves are best known as the  'rocket' concept,  "using an internal 'chimney' in the stove which directs air through the burning fuel, often biomass, and encourages the mixing of gases and flame above it."
        EcoZoom ovens produce 70% less particulate matter and smoke than cooking over an open fire which equals out to between 1 and 3 tons of carbon every year.  *Please note that even though it produces a significant amount less smoke it is still not safe enough to use indoors.  One of my favorite perks is that the EcoZoom Versa Lite is small enough that it can be easily transported wherever needed.

        EcoZoom even has a program called Z+ where "anytime a customer purchases a stove from us, we put aside a stove to be given away to someone in the developing world. The stoves we put aside are the exact same stove models we sell in the US and Europe."

Cost:  $124 EcoZoom Versa Lite Stove
Available to purchase:  EcoZoom 
Coupon Code:  Enter 'ladybug' for $10 off your order exclusive this weekend to A Lucky Ladybug Readers and not available to the public until monday 12/10/12
Recommendation:  These can be used at home or while camping and of course if the world ever crashes and you need to help your family survive!  These are very cheaply priced for high quality cooking tools.  What a great gift for anyone including yourself!
Facebook:  EcoZoom 
Twitter: @ecozoomstove

Giveaway:  EcoZoom  is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a EcoZoom Versa Lite Stove of their own!  This will be part of the "Just in Case Giveaway" event which goes live 12/10/12.

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  1. I'm not sure about the apocalypse stuff, but ya never know do you.... time will be the tell all for sure.

  2. Zombies? You would not believe that my hubby came home one day panicking about flesh eating zombies and that we had to pack ammo, the kids and animals, food...all in that order and hunker down just in case the zombie outbreaks were to come to our neighborhood. I just looked at him calmly and said , "Are you serious?" If something like that were to happen. I am sure that we will manage.

  3. I have no idea about the whole apocolypse deal, however something like this oven would seem to still be a wise choice, apocolypse or no we should all be more conciencous of the dangers things do to the environment

  4. I worry more about the US economy tanking than some apocalypse. Either way we have some basic prep done.

  5. I think that solar flares could cause some type of blackout.

  6. Laurie Skriletz-DeschlerDecember 21, 2012 at 12:24 PM

    It really does not matter much to me. When the time comes, if it ever does, then I will do what I have to do!

  7. No, I don't think that will ever happen. Evolution maybe but not zombies and meters killing us all, not gonna happen. With tech that we have now, I think we will be here and fine for a very long time

  8. Going through Hurricane Katrina felt like the end of the world. 28 days without electricity was enough for us to start preparing.


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