Holy Clothing Renaissance Medieval Princess Gown Dress Review

        I know this is going to sound crazy but I've always felt as if I was born in the wrong era.  Its really weird but until I met my husband I was a very dominant female and felt very strongly about woman being successful.  But as far as style and roles, I wish I lived at least 50-75 years ago.  I most of this comes from how I was brought up and how close I was with my mother.

        My mother is a straight up hippie and her style has always reflected that in the bohemian clothing she usually chooses to wear.  However, my mother has always been the dominant one in my parents relationship as she is a private business owner and holds a very difficult and financially rewarding career.  She has always been my best friend and I continue to hope to some day become half the woman she has.

        In saying all of that, I recently began a search for some unique clothing stores which carry this type of clothing for the two of us.  It seems as though these are few and difficult to find.  Plus, most if not all of them are either lower quality or over prices!  In this search I discovered, Holy Clothing.

        "HolyClothing is a family-owned business founded on the principles of strong relationships, high-quality workmanship, and excellent value. In this cookie-cutter world, we take great pride in bringing you exclusive, handmade Dresses, Tops, & Skirts in Renaissance, Gypsy, Boho & Peasant Styles."

        After a ton of discussion, my mother decided on the Arwen Square Neck Renaissance Medieval Princess Gown Dress in black.  Not only does this classic style fit both of our tastes but my mother has a Murder Mystery Party which this will fit her assigned character perfectly.  We were both extremely impressed with the quality of this dress from material to sewing!

Cost:  $64 Arwen Square Neck Renaissance Medieval Princess Gown Dress
Available to purchase:  Holy Clothing 
Recommendation:  Not only was the quality much better than most but the price is lower than most anywhere you would go to find something similar.  I can't wait for her to wear it to her party so I can then steal it for myself!  Definitely recommend checking out their wide variety of clothing!
Facebook:  Holy Clothing 

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