International Play Imaginetics Playsets Review

        For those of you who don't know me personally, I currently have three children - Alana (14), Dane (4), and Declan (2).  Dane has always been so ahead of his level in everything he has done so when Declan came along we just kind of expected the same out of him.  He's your average kid but he has almost swapped his skills the older he gets.  Our pediatrician says he is extremely advanced intelligence-wise but way behind verbally.  He doesn't speak but in grunts and mumbles.
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        Recently we were referred to a speech therapist locally where they confirmed the same thing.  After thorough evaluations and testing one of the first things that was suggested to us was of course reading and working on puzzles.  If we can't get him to sit through a story then we should be talking through different puzzles using description words.

        It just so happens that almost the same day we got our evaluation results, International Play sent me an email asking me to review a few of their Imaginetics Playsets.  They sent me the Color Me Princess, Knights & Dragons, and the Travel Picture Bingo Set.

        Imaginetics are magnetic play boards that tell a story, can be colored, or for game play.  Almost perfect for what we were looking for Declan.  These are some heavy duty magnet sets that actually stick together after several times using them.  The only ones that were so so where the coloring ones as those were made of a thin magnetic coating.  Declan's favorite so far has been the Knights and Dragon set since we can play fight and set an exciting action scene.

        International Play has been around for over 40 years providing amazing toys from the most trusted names such as Early Years, Viking Toys, Zanzoom, and Aquabeads.  You can search through toys/games by age, gender, category, and awards.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $7.99 Knights and Dragons 
$4.99 Travel Picture Bingo 
$9.99 Color Me Princess 
Recommendation:  I think these and many others are very reasonably priced toys for the quality.  I think these are great learning tools for Declan and can be for your kiddos too.
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