Kidorable Spongebob Rain Coat Review

Now I have completed several reviews in the past of different Kidorable products (Blue Dolphin Umbrella, Dragon Rain Boots) and each one we have fallen in love with at our house!  So when they contacted me again with two new product lines - Dora and Spongebob, I knew we had to jump on board and share these new designs with you.

I Have never really been a fan of Spongebob but my boys are obsessed with it.  They will not watch anything else on TV if given the option of Spongebob.  So besides the obvious of steering clear of the girlie themed Dora, we had to go with Spongebob knowing they would love it.

  We chose a raincoat this time since we have all the accessories for some fun rain play.  Once it arrived Declan would not take it off!  It looked as though he was wearing a dress but he has continuously wore it everywhere we will let him.  Dane of course likes it too but he very rarely gets a chance to put it on without his brother throwing a tantrum over it.

        Kidorable is such a a great company if you have little ones!  They make wearing necessities fun and exciting.  They carry everything from hats, raincoats, and boots to bookends, towels, and backpacks.  Each product comes in all sorts of designs for each and every kids individual interests.  They also carry baby sizes so you don't have to worry about even the littlest or your newest one.  Everything is pretty reasonable and affordable as well so you won't break the bank trying to match everything together.

Cost: $45
Available to purchase: Kidorable 
Recommendation:  Um, yes check out the site I promise you won't be disappointed with the adorable selections.  I can't wait to get something else from them for Dane and maybe Declan this time.
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