North Star Games 'Say Anything' and 'Wits n Wagers Party' Review

Because North Star Games is a truly awesome company, they decided to host a holiday get together for my family and friends this year.  They gratuitously sent over a couple of each of their popular games - 'Say Anything' and 'Wits n Wagers Party'.

Because we are such a huge gaming family we immediately rounded up the troops when we were told all of this would be shipped our way.  Sure enough the game night supplies arrived within a few days tops.  Kevin and Dane actually opened the games and played them the first day.  Though they are designed for at least ages 8 and up.  They were still able to play their own special version and have a ton of fun.

So anyway once everyone arrived we ate a quick bite, opened some drinks, and let the little ones run around with one another.  We started out with Wits n Wagers Party because we figured this group might have a bit more fun with the Say Anything since we all know another so well.  And we didn't want to get stuck on just one game for the entire night!

A quick background on my relationship with this group of friends - most are from high school or college so I have known them for ten plus years. Stacey I have even known since we were young children. We have all seen some pretty extreme ups and downs together and of course we know some of the most embarrassing details of each others lives.  I love this group and wouldn't be who I am without them.

Wits n Wagers Party is similar to a game with a little gambling thrown in the mix.  Every answer is a number of some sort whether it is a year, age, or percentage .  Its almost similar to the price as right concept too where your answer can't go over the correct bid or you lose that round.  We had a blast seeing who could guess the closest and bidding on who we thought was the most knowledgeable!

Say Anything is still a similar style game with the betting and not over bidding.  However, in this game you draw a card on your turn which has a question on it.  Your friends then need to guess what your answer will be and of course bid on whoever's answer they think knows you the best.  This was a blast especially after a few drinks.  Everyone's answers got more and more creative and of course like I previously mentioned we all know each other fairly well so the competition was tight between best friends and spouses!

There wasn't a single person who didn't like either of the games but Say Anything was definitely the group favorite.  After reading up on North Star Games we have even decided we really want to check out Crappy Birthday as that might be an interesting one too.  Each attendee either wanted one of the additional copies we received (which we raffled off between everyone) or they said they were definitely going to head out and get a copy before Christmas

Cost/Available to purchase:  $17.34 Say Anything and at Target or Toys r Us
$28.74 Wits n Wagers Party and at Walmart
Recommendation:  I honestly just wish they had more games because these two were AWESOME!  We all had a blast and they were not your typical games just remade over and over (ahem, Words with Friends).  The prices aren't too bad but I would really like to see them a little cheaper to make them affordable to everyone!
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