Ohio Flame Featured on KeepAmerica and Review (reposted)

 Ohio Flame will be featured on FOX CT tomorrow at 9:00AM for KeepAmerica's American Made Holiday Gift Guide.  This is huge for them so please show your support and tune in.  This is an amazing company with great personalize customer service.  I feel like part of the Ohio Flame family even though I live in Michigan :) !
Ohio Flame, Inc.
      When I was younger we used to camp at least two times a month.  I believe this is where my love for natural wood fires has come from.  Every where I have ever lived has either had firepits on the property (apartments) or I've gone out and bought one for my backyard.  Unfortunately my last one was obviously cheap and only lasted for one season last year when we moved into our current house.  Although Michigan doesn't allow for a long summer season, you will find us outdoors six out of seven nights and from the first remotely warm day (above 60 degrees outside) to the first day of snow if we can.  Our falls are perfect bonfire weather.

     I was super excited to discover the company Ohio Flame and even more thrilled when they agreed to let me review one of their "The Patriot" Fire Pits!  Within the first couple days we had our new firepit set up and rock n roll.  We invited another family over for drinks, smore's and some swimming.  As you can see the children had other plans for the firepit before we added our firewood.  You would have thought we should be making it a baby bath!

     Once we were able to bribe the lil ones out of the pit and back into the pool, we got to making our fire which by the way started very quickly!  Ohio Fire Pit sure makes one hella bowl!  Not only was this thing massive and sturdy as anything but the amount of heat this thing gave off is enough to keep anyone warm on even a Michigan winter night!

     With very little firewood we were able to keep the flame going strong for hours.  If you've ever built a fire before and paid for your wood, it isn't inexpensive to buy tons and it does you little good to use the cheap stuff since you just go through more.  This definitely is the type of pit you are going to want to have to last you through the years and save you money when your not burning through wood like its paper.

    Ohio Flame pits are 100% American Made by a local artisan.  There is a lifetime warranty on all Fire Pits and Artisan Bowls even though no maintenance is needed, "as it's designed to withstand the elements year-round.  "The Patriot" features a 3/8" Rain Drain to allow for water drainagee. The "Natural Steel Finish", will develop a natural iron oxide patina and gradually darken over time."

Cost:  $349.99 + FREE SHIPPING on every order
Available to purchase:  Ohio Flame 
Discount: Enter promo code "LUCKY" at check out and take 5% off of any product
Recommendation:  This is going to last a long time and is at a great price for such an awesome investment!  This is also a great idea for a housewarming or wedding gift.  I can't wait for our next party to show this off to everyone who doesn't have one!  Ohio Flame also has a steel cook grate available if you want the natural cooking taste just as if you were camping (in your own backyard)!
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