Warmly Yours Barcelona Towel Warmer Review and Giveaway

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        I have to first off start this review by making sure everyone knows I currently live in Michigan and although I lived down south for 2 years, I am a born and raised Michiganander.  It can get pretty freaking cold up here and we usually only get to enjoy a very short summer.
Barcelona Towel Warmers

        One of my fondest childhood memories though is when we would get hop into the hot tub as kids in the middle of winter with snow pouring down on us.  We always froze to death getting in and out but sure loved it.  My reasoning for telling you this story is I was recently given the opportunity to review a towel warmer from Warmly Yours.  We sure could have used one of these back then and will definitely be using it there this winter as my parents still have their hot tub which we frequently use.

        Warmly Yours is more than just your average heating company!  They create houses into homes where living becomes the ultimate comfort and easily.  Warmly Yours brings electric floor heating systems, outdoor snow melting, LAVA® radiant panels and complete electric towel warmers to your home.  Warmly Yours is "proud to offer a radiant solution for every area of life. We believe that 'radiant' is a way of life – a definition of our living brand."
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        Warmly Yours sent me their Barcelona Towel Warmer.  Even at home this is something that has been used a ton already since we have the creepiest insulation in our bedroom /bathroom.  There's nothing worst than enjoying a steamy shower to warm you up in the morning only to walk out and freeze your a$$ off while drying off. Not anymore though.  This is great for the lil ones too when they get out of the bath.  Now I can wrap them up all warm and worry less about them getting sick as easily.
Cost:  $299 Barcelona Towel Warmer
Available to purchase:  Warmly Yours
Recommendation:  Um, yes please may I have another?!  This is a totally awesome tool to have in your home no matter where in the country you live!  They are also a phenomenal company to look into for all areas of your home.
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Giveaway:  Warmly Yours is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Barcelona Towel Warmer of their own!  Look for this giveaway to begin 12/3/12 as part of the Warm up Your Winter Giveaway Event!

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