Activewear USA Blue Canoe Capri Review and Giveaway

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        When it comes to fitness clothing, I really don't think I had any idea how many options were available and of course those promising you the ultimate in comfort or the most breathable or even that maximize your fitness efforts.  I have had such a hard time lately finding clothing that is comfortable to wear as I transition from overweight to a fit, healthy weight and hopefully to skinny, active build.

        I have almost become accustom to wearing yoga pants and by the end of the day having to constantly pull them up while working out.  This is of course because they are cheaply made and stretch easily as well as are a tad bit too large since I am shedding inches pretty quickly.  Thankfully last month I discovered Activewear USA.

        Activewear USA is an online store where you can find over 110 fitness brands.  Actually founded by Avi Woolman, a software developer, after she sat on a yoga mat for the first time ever.  She quickly realized the changes she needed to make in her life and acted on those instincts to change.  She quit her job and created Activewear USA with the thought that she would personally select each brand and only offer products she had used herself.

        I was super psyched when they agreed to send me a piece of their clothing!  The process in which they decide what to send each blogger is actually quite neat.  I was asked a whole set of questions about my hobbies, activities and such and then they picked what fit my style best.  I was sent over a pair of Blue Canoe Capri's for me to workout in.

        Unfortunately, as soon as I brought them in the door and tried them on, Alana decided they were perfect for her to wear during her Color Guard practices.  As usual she quickly stole them and has been wearing them ever since.  In all honesty they fit her better so I am glad she has a pair that has lasted through all the practices over the last month as well as through an equal amount of washes.
        She says the material feels great and they are her favorite pair to wear to practice!  Activewear USA carries a huge variety of other product for just about every activity you can think of from yoga and dance to swimming and cycling.  You can even find some absolutely adorable "lifestyle" fashions to wear everyday.
Cost:  $65 Blue Canoe Capri
Available to purchase: Activewear USA 
Recommendation: I don't know about spending $65 on a pair of capri's unless they are going to help me workout by wearing them alone.  These were great quality and very comfortable just not the right style (or price range) for me.  Alana absolutely fell in love them.  I loved a lot of their yoga and lifestyle clothing though so its worth it to shop around for sure as it will be impossible not to find something you love!
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Giveaway:  ActivewearUSA is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a piece of clothing of their own!  Look for this to begin on 1/17/13 as part of the "Get Moving 2013" Blog Hop!

**Remember if you win, you will need to answer a set of questions to determine which piece of clothing you will receive.

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  1. Those look super comfortable! I would love some for my workouts at the gym!

  2. That material looks awesome. How does it feel on partially shaved legs? lol. Silly question, I know - but some fabrics are really uncomfortable unless you have a perfectly clean shave, or 1 years worth of growth! :)

  3. Love the capris. I would use them all the time!

  4. They don't look like they will bulge at the knees which I HATE!! They look like they're really quality!

  5. Those pants look quite comfortable. I would probably wear them around the house all the time.

  6. omg i want the capris

  7. I would sure like a few pairs of those pants.... I love the style !!!

  8. I love it that they customize what to send with a questionnaire. We often don't know which product will benefit us the most, and this would help. Too bad on the cost - I'd like to buy some of their clothes for my daughter-in-law.


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