Guest Post - Green Tips For Families

Green Tips For Families

In a home there are many ways to help make your home greener, but it is going to take the whole family getting on board and pitching in. Simple changing in your habits and routines can go a long way in making you home a greener place to live in. The changes aren't huge, but the payoff is. You may not realize the effect it is having at first, but stick to these green tips and you'll begin to see a huge change in the atmosphere of your home and pocketbook. Here are some ideas to help you as you begin your next steps as a greener family:

Keeping Things Green While at Home

• Lower your thermostat by 2ยบ. Just this small change can help you lower your annual bill.

• Unplug anything that's not being used. Your microwave, toaster and any other electronic uses electricity even when you don't realize it.

• Adjust the pressure on a shower head will lower water bills.

• Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Train your children to do this when their young, and you will be training them to be green-minded throughout their life.

• In addition to training, you can have fun with going green too. Start recycling on a regular basis and make it into a game. Give points away to your children when they participate in your family’s attempt to help the environment.
Staying Green While Shopping

• Do not continuously search for the best parking spot. Try to park in the first one you see. This saves gas and times, while perhaps allowing someone that needs it more to get that closer spot.

• When you are waiting for someone outside of the store, turn your car off.

• Start using natural products for shampoo, body wash, and face washes. These type of products are environmentally friendly, and because they do not include chemicals like other brands they are better for your body too.

• Switch from arousal cans to non-arousal cans.

• At the checkout register, bypass the paper or plastic question all together by using reusable cloth bags. This decreases the amount of waste and can be easy washed and reused time and time again.

• Instead of frequenting your closest chain supermarket, find a local farmer's market. The organic food there is better for you, and you get to support your local agriculture community.
There are many other tips on the internet and in books about adapting a green lifestyle. Thanks to the help of people like energy expert Daniel Yergin, more families are implementing some of these green tips everyday. Just doing simple things around the house can help the environment in many ways.

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