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        I recently have been doing a lot of shopping online looking for different business card options.  Not only would I like to have these for my blog but for my Etsy Shop - A Green Ladybug.  I've been pretty picky though because I want to look for green friendly options.  In doing so I accidentally stumbled upon

        The first thing I noticed on the website was the cute saying they have, "think before you ink."  I know most individuals and companies both are aware of the importance of recycling ink cartridges.  But do they really understand the need for "green printing" or the waste all those cartridges cause to our planet?  "Did you know that buying discount printer ink online at is actually more environmentally friendly than buying full-priced ink cartridges at an office supply store?"
Side by Side (Name Brand vs. InkPal)

        InkPal works with manufacturers and vendors throughout California, Tennessee and Michigan.  They are also a certified Green America business!  Each printer toner and ink comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee and 6-month warranty.
(Name Brand Ink)

        You can be confident that when purchasing an ink cartridge from InkPal, all the non-recyclable components are replaced and then refilled.  Once I replaced the ink in my printer I couldn't notice the difference between InkPals ink or my old name brand one.  I have only been using the ink for about 3 weeks now but nothing is low and everything still is printing great!
(InkPal Ink)

Cost: $8.98-9.95 Epson Workforce 435 cartridges
Available to Purchase:  InkPal 
Recommendation: Considering the cost of normal ink cartridges and the fact that you can save up to 70% by purchasing these, that alone is a reason to purchase your ink from InkPal.  Then you factor in the amount of waste you are saving and buying American, you would have to be crazy not to at least look into their site!
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  1. I have never heard of but what a great idea this is. I do think it is important to recycle ink cartridges and to find a company that does is terrific. Anything we can do to help the environment is great.
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  2. Your post is really providing good information.. I liked it and enjoyed reading it. Again another new post.

    Thank you so much!!!

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  3. I've never heard of ink pal. Awesome that you can save money AND be better for the environment.

  4. Is their ink, vegan, cruel free?

  5. So I'm looking to switch my work to something cheaper and more eco-friendly for ink. Have you been frequently buying your printer ink at now?? Is it that much better or at least the same with cheaper prices? I tried looking online for reviews on this company and website, but yours was the only one I could find. Do you have to wait for the ink to dry? Does it get smudgey? Or is it pretty much normal compared to regular name brand ink?


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