Mrs. Smiths Deep Dish Pies Review

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         It's that time of year again - The Holiday Baking Season!!  Now I usually try to make everything from scratch when I can but we all know around this time it can be very difficult especially if you have young children (I learned that the hard way this past year).  So when Mrs. Smith asked me to do a review of their new Deep Dish Pies, I was more than happy to.
        Not only are these premade pies for your family to enjoy and possibly never know you didn't spend hours making it, but they each have their own customizable toppings.  You can now add that little signature secret you know your family loves or just customize the toppings to your personal tastes.
        Even though we got each of the flavor pies available (Peach, Cherry, Apple, and Pumpkin) the first one we had to try was the Dutch Apple Pie.  I usually make my apple pies from fresh apples from the orchards and have spend hours perfecting it but not anymore!  
        What truly helped me is Mrs. Smith's includes a pouch of Caramel sauce which I mixed with some homemade toffee and crushed walnuts to drizzle on top.  No one not even my husband (who was home while I was baking) noticed a difference between this pie and my previous apple pies.
        Next of course had to be the pumpkin pie.  There is nothing better in my mind than the smell of fresh made pumpkin pie in your home.  Of course Mrs. Smith again added a pouch of real cream cheese icing to give you the opportunity to make this pie your own.  I frequently make a combo of cheesecake and pumkin pie for everyone during the holiday so this helped give us that taste in a different way!
Cost:  $19.99
Available to purchase:  Mrs. Smith's Signature Deep Dish pies or retailers
Recommendation:  I really have to say this is a great way to still feel like a true baker without having to spend all the time preparing from scratch.  The best part is no one is going to be able to tell the difference unless you let them in on your little secret.

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  1. That Peach Pie looks yummy! I'd love it warm with vanilla ice cream.
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