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        I have always been known for some of my very odd obsessive compulsive tendencies.  I love to clean, always have and frequently do it as a stress reliever.  The problem I find now is finding the time especially since having children.  I used to clean my carpets at least once a month.  I started when I moved to Georgia after college and I had white carpets with all the red Georgia clay being tracked into my home.  I also am a huge pet lover and have always had dogs which of course track in tons of dirt.  I just loved the fresh feel and smell of the carpeting right after its cleaned.

        I recently even discovered that there was a "green" way of cleaning your carpets which you know makes all the difference in my world!  I stumbled on ABC Rug and Carpet Care which provides eco-friendly carpet cleaning in New York as well as other carpeting services including restoration or repair.

        There are a ton of benefits of green rug cleaning.  Traditional rug cleaning produces harmful toxins into the air we breathe which can cause a variety of health problems especially for people such as myself with asthma or other respiratory illnesses.  If you are in the New York area I recommend checking out ABC Rug and Carpet Care.

        I also didn't realize that there were two types of companies - ones that do it at a residence or office and others that actually do it in their own factory.  There are benefits to factory cleaning such as thorough top to bottom cleaning, rug fringes are cleaned more thoroughly and delicately, and most importantly proper drying techniques are used to avoid things like mildew and rot.

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  1. Great review on the ABC Rug and Carpet Care.My carpets are so in need of cleaning.I have 8 grandkids,and they are always spilling stuff in my carpets,and tracking in dirt.I'ts so hard to find the time to clean them my self.

  2. i enjoy cleaning - it depends on when it is & if i had time to do so. ( :

  3. I can relax when I clean, I have loved to clean since I was about 6 years old :)

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