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        Unfortunately a few members of my family have been blessed with the terrible luck of having frequent migraines.  Thankfully I am not one of them.  I could never begin to imagine how horrible it feels to suffer frequently from these.  It actually almost seems as though it is hereditary since Kevin's mother gets them, Kevin too, and now Alana.

        Both Kevin and Alana can even feel them coming on most times.  You would think that was a good thing because they can take med's before it gets bad but unfortunately the migraine are inevitable.  The prediction only makes them feel worse about what's to come.  Plus if the medicine doesn't help why bother!?  I hate giving anyone in my family medicine to begin with and especially when I know it's pointless.

        A few weeks ago I discovered HeadCoolie and knew immediately it was something we had to try!  "HeadCoolie is an innovative therapeutic headband that provides natural relief for fever discomfort and headaches of all kinds, including migraines."

        Now although this doesn't cure a migraine it sure helps ease the pain (or so Kevin said).   Alana said it reduced her pain and made it easier to just fall asleep during one which seems like one of the only ways to get rid of these.  The nice thing about the HeadCoolie is that it works great for fevers as well.  The only complaint Kevin had was that the ice packs could be made of a softer gel to form a little better on the head.  He said it felt like he was wearing ice cubes on his head for the first couple minutes.

        What I personally love is the fact that is totally hands free!  Because is has a gel insert that can be removed and frozen this is washable and keeps cold much longer.  I no longer have to wet a washcloth every ten minutes to keep it cold and either hold it myself on the kids heads or have them do it while they try to rest!

Cost: $19.99 HeadCoolie 
Recommendation:  I think this is a great tool and it doesn't even have to be used for one specific area or pain.  I really don't think $19 is too much especially when this can save you tons of medicine costs and can be used over and over again!  I love that it comes in 6 different colors too!
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Giveaway:  HeadCoolie is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a HeadCoolie of their own!  Look for this to begin on 2/10/13 as part of the "Ignite Your Senses" Blog Hop!

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  2. Head Coolie's look amazing! I want to try them. I get migraines all the time and these will work so well.

  3. Oh wow do I ever need one of these! So much easier than trying to hold an ice pack or cloth on my head. It actually looks like it would work well for tension headaches as well, where I generally try to keep an ice pack on the back of my neck right at the base...hard to hold it there. Heh. I really need to try this!


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