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        Right now in Michigan is the time of year I start preparing seedlings for my summer gardening.  I love growing huge garden s full of some really great fruit and vegetables.  Its my way of ensuring I can provide for my family not only during the summer months but through the winter as well!  It has always interested my to discover different ways to grow the same beautiful plants indoors.

        A while back an awesome gadget caught my eye and I just had to have one.  The Click and Grow "is an easy-to-use electronic smartpot that grows plants without watering and fertilizing. You don’t have to have any knowledge about gardening, instead everything will be taken care by the smart technology."  For growers of all levels, this is going to work in whichever way you may need.  If you don't have a green thumb but would love even the smallest house plant, this will help you each step of the way!
        This awesome gadget monitors your plant and dispenses an exact amount of water, fertilizer and air.  This way if you are inexperienced with plant life, you don't have to worry about over watering or knowing how much fertilizer to add.  Honestly one of my favorite things about this is that I don't have to worry about dirt!   My cat just loves to get into the dirt of my potted indoor plants so this is amajor plus for me!

        Each Click and Grow starter kit includes everything you need - electronics, sensors, batteries, a pump and a water reservoir as well as a plant cartridge with seeds, nutrients and special software.  Once it arrives there is very little set up and little to no maintenance.  Every once in a while the Smart Technology will let you know when you need to refill the water reservoir or change the batteries.  Once your plant is grown all you need to then is replace the cartridge to start a new plant!
Starter Kit with Chili Pepper
        I could honestly go on forever sharing with you all the perks and intelligence this little device has but I'd only be repeating what you can find out online on their website.  What I really want you to know is this is the next generation of plant care!

        Unfortunately I took too long getting mine set up so I don't have any sprouted plants to show you yet in my pictures but I can tell you setup was easy and I haven't had to do a single since the set up to care for the plant.  There is a huge variety of replacement cartridges and plants that you can purchase from the store after your current one is completely done.
Starter Kit with Mini tomato
Cost/Available to purchase:  $79 Chili Pepper Starter Kit 
Recommendation:  You know this is expensive for a garden gadget this small but definitely not when it comes to quality.  I don't think the purchase price is all that outrageous for all that it does plus once you have the kit the replacement cartridges are only $20!
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  1. i would like the Starter Kit with Mini tomato because I have a hard time growing anything, Last year I tried to grow mini tomatoes in pots on my deck but wasn't very lucky, this sounds like a very easy to do.


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