Martha's Magnificent Egg DVD Review

        On February 12, 2013 Gaiam released Martha's Magnificent Egg in honor of Martha's favorite holiday - Easter.  Martha's magnificent Egg is a cartoon about Martha Stewart as a ten year old girl who runs a web show with her friends about crafting, gardening, etc.

        The synopsis says "Easter is one of Martha’s favorite Holidays!  Join Martha and Friends as they create and craft their Easter baskets to enter an Easter contest.  Everyone wants to win the prize but Martha shows us that winning is not everything and that helping a friend in need is more important."

        I watched this with my girls and my Aunt.  I really thought the girls would love it since they love to craft and make projects with their Aunt and Grandma.  They sat through the video, but were very antsy (which isn't like them normally).  The animation was really hard for me to watch, the computer animation was not fluid and started to give me a headache.
        The girls did not enjoy this video unfortunately.  Perhaps older children who could replicate the crafts and ideas would like it a little more.  I do like that it was all about different ways to decorate eggs, since Easter is coming up and maybe we could recreate some of the ideas and crafts that were in the video.

Price: $6.95
Recommendation:  Unfortunately this was not a group favorite and I have to say we do not recommend it.  Even at the great price I just don't think it was worth the watch and especially not for the little ones.
Street Date: February 12, 2013
Rating: TBD
Run time: 22 minutes
Format: Full Screen
Language:  English

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