Twin Z Nursing Pillow Review and Giveaway

        Really interesting story for everyone as to how I learned a tiny bit about my family history.  Now obviously I am aware twins run in my husband's family.  For those of you who don't know my husband is a twin and his twin brother has a set of twins but I had no idea there were any on my side of the gene pool.  Then as I find out I am pregnant not with my first child but with my second child (before the initial ultrasound) my mother decides to share with me she has 3 sets of twin cousins and that I might end up with a set of my own.  Gee thanks mom for telling me before I ever got pregnant the first time!

        Thank the lord I have yet to end up pregnant with twins but I truly feel for those who do and the kind of commitment it takes.  Having a baby is never easy but having two at once takes even more.  Recently a friend of mine delivered twin girls and she has been over whelmed with trying to feed them at the same time and even to find a way to keep them occupied while she maybe even goes the bathroom.

Here are her words exactly:

        "This pillow is amazing. It has really taken a stressful event and made it stress free for the most part. Before the "pink pretzel", that's what Andrew calls it, I would get very panicky if both babies wanted to feed at the same time. I would have to rig up some crazy pillows and they would slip down or I tried using two boppy pillows but they where to far apart with being bulky in the center. So when this came I was so beyond glad.  The first day I got it from you I used it that night and it was wonderful. I set them inside their lil sections, sat up and feed with ease.

        It makes it possible for me to run an errand and my mother or husband to feed them without stress also.  We went to Charlevoix to look for homes and took it with us. It was a great thing to place on the floor and place them in while in our hotel room. Which normally would be a challenge. We had travel beds but who wants to lay in that all day. Boring. This way they where still apart of everything.

        I couldn't really do the option of using the center as a back support with both girls on each side with a bottle. At least not on my own - I couldn't figure how to have one in place and get the second settled. So that was a downer because it can hurt your back leaning over the pillow to feed them. But still beats out doing it my silly way without the pillow.

        If I could add something ... I would have added a pocket on each side of the cover to hold a bottle. Because sometimes one needs to burp and you need to place it somewhere without tipping over. But not huge."  The Twin Z Pillow is made with all baby safe materials such as being hypoallergenic as well as foam & lead free!

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $99 -1 Pillow and 1 Cover 
Coupon Code: Enter 'BABY2013' for a $10 off discount on orders over $50 (not to be combined with any other offer)
Recommendation:  I think this is a great product for anyone with twins!  The price is expensive but not for the stress relief it provides.  Its also pretty comparable to what it would cost you to purchase 2 boppy's.  Available in tons of patterns I would recommend this to even anyone with lil ones or expecting.
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Giveaway:  Twin Z Pillow is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a plain colored fabric Twin Z Pillow of their own!
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  16. you really are the most happiness woman. your twin baby is so cute, so lovely. you are a great mom

  17. A good choice for the twin baby! My aunty gave birth twins and I was looking for a good gift. I think this pillow can be the best for her!


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