Fraas Mystical Coast Designs Scarf Review

        I try my hardest to keep up on the latest style trends but I can honestly say you will find me turning to my teenage daughter.  Teenagers are freaks about keeping up on trends to the second so why wouldn't I keep up with Alana!  Recently I received an email from FRAAS asking me to review another one of their new Scarves from their Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.  I was sent over one of the Mystical Coast Designs in Blue review .

        I actually fell in love with this bright color and beautiful design.  Unfortunately I picked this color for Alana since I figured she'd steal it anyway as soon as it arrived.  This design is a very versatile style is easily worn however you may like.

        "There is no other fashion accessory that makes such a strong fashion statement for this affordability and has so many flexible wearing options. Several styles can be folded as head wraps, waist wraps, sarongs, and depending on the style, even a halter top. Others do double duty and can be used as a shawl for cool nights, air conditioning, travel and, again, the creation of a
chic fashion accessory statement."

        This scarf is perfect for any season especially for this Spring.  Its unique design makes it a great accessory to any outfit especially something solid print.  Alana has been wearing this to school once a week as well as for our Easter Dinner.  She loves it and honestly it perfectly compliments her skin tone.

        The website is definitely one to check out if you are an accessory guy or gal.  They have quite the variety of styles and patterns - several which I thought were absolutely beautiful!  My only issue was I couldn't find this actually style on the web?.  Maybe it's just too new??

Cost:  $48
Available to purchase:  FRAAS 
You can also find these on Amazon or by calling the company direct at 212-575-0191
Recommendation:  Although I absolutely love this and frequently where it with several outfits, I cannot see spending $40 on just one scarf.  I even asked my mother what she thought about it since she wears mostly designer clothing and as nice as she thought it was she said it was a bit pricey for her taste as well.
Facebook:  FRAAS
Twitter @fraas_scarf

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