Hasbro Game Night Bejeweled Board Game Review and Giveaway

        Ok I am one of those old school "grown ups" in the way that I think it is absolutely ridiculous that we are making board games out of cell phone apps and computer games.  We have always been big into having game nights with our family and even with extended family and friends.  But sometimes (in my opinion) some of the games that are created are just silly.

        Hasbro Games recently asked me to review their newest board game - Bejeweled.  "It’s the real-world version of the addictive online Bejeweled game! With 91 three-dimensional gems, Hasbro’s BEJEWELED game brings PopCap’s incredibly popular digital game to life. Players will sparkle and shine as they swap gems to create matches of three or more to collect coins and win!"

        Designed for ages 8 and up and for two to four players, this game only entertained Dane (5) and Declan (2) for about four minutes before they were just fighting over the gems.  When I asked Alana (15) and her best friends to play they thought it was too boring and they'd rather play it online.  This just so happens to be my opinion as well.  It just seems silly when you have to set up the jewels yourself then swap them yourself and of course slide them down as you remove them.
Cost/Available to purchase:  $19.99 Bejeweled 
Recommendation:  $20 for this game is pretty steep if you ask me especially when you can play online for free most of the time.  I personally would not purchase this game since none of my children enjoyed it.  I just thought it was much better suited as an online game.  :(
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Giveaway:  Hasbro is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Bejeweled Game of their own!
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  1. I like Scrabble Boggle.

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  2. One thing I like about your blog is that you leave honest reviews. I like that you were truthful in saying that the game wasn't a hit at your house and that you wouldn't purchase it. I think my 7 and 5 year old would have some fun with it... even if it's not playing the way the game was meant to be played. I totally agree with you about there being too many games being made off of apps now.

    1. Thank you Suzie! That means a lot! If I'm not honest sooner or later someone will call me out on it and companies appreciate my honest for the same reason. There is always a respectful way to do it of course but I would never recommend a product I didnt like to my friends or family and so all of you are in the same category. I appreciate my readers trust and loyalty!!

  3. I do like the wall paper you have on this blog also.

  4. Candyland is wonderful.

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  5. I like all of your giveaways!

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  6. I would LOVE to have Scrabble Catchphrase!

  7. Candyland!

  8. I love Hi Ho Cherry-o. I played that when I was little!!

  9. I will always like Monoply, but I do LOVE playing Bejeweled on my phone, :-)

  10. I would love the cityville monopoly

  11. scrabble boggle

  12. I'd love to play the Bejeweled Frenzy game

  13. I love that you have sooo many nice giveaways! Thanks

  14. I'd like to have the Millionare Monopoly.Thank you :)


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