Hips and Curves Review and "More 4 Mom" Giveaway

     I have always been very naturally big busted and when I say always I mean I started out with "D" size tatas in the 6th grade.  I have only increased from there.  I prayed and prayed that with both my (breastfed) children they would shrink but never got my wish.  In fact they have only continued to increase even more than I thought possible.  I am now a size "G" which I honestly didn't even know existed!  I am always trying to find comfortable AND affordable bras that support me without mashing me down causing me to have a uni-boob or the pouring out cleavage.    

Bettina Lace Push-up Bra
     I had definitely heard of Hips and Curves before but never really done any shopping on their website until they decided to get involved with this Mother's Day Event.  Since they let me decide on an item in exchange for review, I had to pick out a bra!  I chose the Bettina Lace Push-up Bra (not for the push-up as I always remove any padding!)

     Thank goodness I picked this bra because my last functioning bra (besides the stretched out sports bras in my drawers), finally bit the dust a day before it arrived in the mail.  I snapped the wire which seems to happen with every bra I own since I wear them down to nothing!  My normal bra size is a 36G but I ordered this in a 38G since that was what they had available.
Bettina Lace Push-up Bra
     I love this bra so far and honestly wish it were appropriate for me to show you pictures of how well it fits.  The biggest thing is that normally any bras made in this size look like granny bras.  They are not sexy nor do they make you feel sexy in anyway.  This one DOES!  It has a beautiful lace design and although it is full coverage in my opinion it also isn't!  I don't feel like I have to wear a high neck line just to hide my bra!
Cost/Available to Purchase: $29.95 Bettina Lace Push-up Bra 
Recommendation:  Um, $30 for a bra that actually fits, supports, and doesn't look like my mother's bra - Sign me up!  Everything is reasonably priced and they have a pretty decent selection.  Although I would like to see some more of a variety in these types of 'big girl' sizes.  I would be a loyal customer forever if I could keep finding these sizes in this quality for this price!
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Giveaway:  Hips and Curves is going to give two of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a $50 Gift Card to buy something of their own!  This will be part of the More 4 Mom Giveaway Event which begins on 4/18/13

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