Kushyfoot Sport Socks, Slipper Socks, and Yoga Socks Review and Giveaway

        So I have become involved in participating in the Michigan 3-day, benefiting the fight against breast cancer.  This entails walking 60 miles in 3 days, which takes its toll on your feet unless you have amazing socks.  When I received KushyFoot Socks in exchange for writing a review, I was excited to try a new brand and see how they would compare to other socks I have worn in the past which have not been all that dependable.

        KushyFoot was started in 2003 by the parent company Doris International Inc, they wanted to bring women the comfort and Reflexology to massage your foot with every step you take.  This company wanted to give women stylish and comfort in their socks or foot coverings.  They offer several different varieties of styles, and for different types of shoes and needs you are bound to find the right sock for you.

        I was sent over several of the new summer line including the Sport Sock Foot Cover in both colors, the Yoga Sock in both colors, Slipper Socks with two different trims, 3 pr sport sock with ruffle and 3 pr sport sock mini crew tonal mesh design.  When I put on my Slipper Socks on I liked that they had grips on the bottom of them, so I can avoid sliding across my hardwood floors anymore.  I think these are so adorable and also comfortable that I love wearing them around the house and also out in public
        I wore the Sport Sock to work all day long and when my feet normally are so tired and aching by the end of the day this time my feet still felt like they could keep going for many more hours.  I absolutely love the little "ruffle detail" on them.  Because they are so comfy to wear with my tennis shoes and they have the cute ruffle I can't wait to wear these socks with Capri's during the Summer.
        The "yoga socks" are also pretty amazing.  I love that they have separate toe holes that you can easily wear them to get pedicures and not worry about your feet being super cold in the winter. This way you won't mess up the pretty paint job that you just paid for.  Alana thought these were perfect to wear to flags practice as well since they are supposed to practice in bare feet.  They kept her feet warm and still allowed her the flexibility to move around.

Cost/Available to Purchase:  Approximately $40 for all- Sport Sock Foot Cover in both colors ($4.49 ea), the Yoga Sock in both colors ($4.49 ea), Slipper Socks with two different trims ($4.49 ea), 3 pr sport sock with ruffle ($7.99) and 3 pr sport sock mini crew tonal mesh design ($7.99).
Recommendation:  I just can't rave enough about these socks.  I know that 's weird right?  But they are uber creative socks, comfortable to wear and very well priced for the quality.
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Twitter: @Kushyfoot

Giveaway: Kushy Foot is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers the same package of socks I received to have of their own!
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