Michal's Window A Novel Review

        I am so thankful to have the opportunity to read these amazing books, by some amazing authors.  I was recently asked to read and review the book Michal's Window written by Rachelle Ayla.  I was intrigued by the description on Amazon.com and once I received my copy for my kindle app, I was off and reading.  It took me about two and a half chapters to really get into the story as it did have a slow start but after that I couldn't put the book (or my tablet) down.
 *This is a rather long story but a really good read and worth it.

        I liked the fact that it is a biblical historic fiction story.  This is the story of David's first wife Michal and the trials and tribulations she endures at the hand of her father King Saul and her husband King David.  Michal is a girl who just wants the love of her life to respect her and cherish only her.  When her father banishes David from his kingdom he promises Michal that he will come for her, that he will love only her.  As time goes on, David stays in exile for many years and Michal's brother Jonathan forces her to take a husband (in order to get away from their father and his palace).  Michal learns to care and love Philati but always tries to find David to be with her one love forever.  When she learns he has taken other wives she is outraged, but takes him back and finds happiness with Philati and they end up having a daughter of their own before King David rips her away from them and reclaims her as his Queen.
        The tumultuous relationship that David and Michal have comes full circle and they learn to love, cherish one another in many different phases and stages of their lives.  Michal has three men in her life that mean the world to her (outside of her family that is).  David (her first husband and love of her life), Philati (her 2nd husband, who loves her unconditionally) and finally Ittati (her 3rd husband, who loved her since they first met as children).  No matter how long Michal and David were apart, how many wives David took, how unfaithful Michal was they always seem to find their way back to one another.  It is somewhat a sad yet beautiful love story, how two people could go through so much and still love and support one another.

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Recommendation:   I really enjoyed reading this book and learning the story of Michal and David.  Everyone has heard of David beating Goliath and King David of Israel but hearing this other side was so interesting to me.  I enjoy getting to know the characters in the stories I read and I am a fan of all these characters.  Even when they are making horrible choices and it's so obvious what they need to do, but then it wouldn't be a story now would it?!  I feel for Michal and all that she endured by the hands of the people she loved and trusted the most.  I definitely recommend this book for anyone who enjoys historical fiction, fiction, and just good ole love stories.
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