Racor Garden Tool Rack and the SecureHold Tool Holders

        We unfortunately, like many, were forced to move about two and a half years ago because of our financial situation.  Of course we moved from our very large, new home into a much smaller, older home.  We went from from lots of square footage, two floors, a basement, and a three car garage to one level, smaller size, no basement, and a two car garage.

        Since the move, we have decided to use our garage as a game room/storage center.  It is honestly kind of ridiculous when you look at my garage.  We almost monthly have to reorganize and go through boxes so we are able to still allow the kids to play pool or just to get to things.  So when I discovered Racor Home Storage Solutions, needless to say I was pumped to get my hands on any of their products!

        "Racor has the largest variety of storage solutions to organize and store bikes, sports equipment, tools, lawn and garden supplies, bulky items like ladders and totes, and much more. The Racor branded collection of products is made with uncompromising attention to fit and finish and is designed for those who will have nothing less than the best in their garage."
Garden Tool Rack
        Thankfully this amazing company agreed to work with me on a review of their Garage Ceiling Storage Lift a few months ago.  Now this time they sent me over the Racor Garden Tool Rack and the SecureHold Tool Holders - Triple, double, and single versions.

        The Garden Tool Rack "can hold up to 10 long-handled garden tools neatly off the floor and also features a storage basket that is removable for carrying hand tools and other small items out to the garden."  I generally don't have a ton of long handled shovels so the basket is great for my smaller tools to be piled into.  I love that I can carry it to and from different places instead of carrying loose tools and potentially misplacing them.

        There is also a built-in shelf for storing my husbands dirty tennis shoes he uses to cut the grass!  Whats great is this this rack can hold up to 35lbs of supplies.  This even works great for my small garden ladder arches and wind chime hooks.
SecureHold Triple Tool Holder
        SecureHold Tool Holders each mount to the wall and stores long handled tools of all different weights. "The spring opening and deep v-groove helps keep tools from accidentally falling." Now even though we don't keep our cars in the garage, there are always kids hanging out in the garage playing pool.  I would hate to have something accidentally fall off on one of these children which is why I love the 'V' design.

        I am super pumped about how much space all of these create rather than just piling things my tools into a corner and knocking everything down each time I try to find the specific tool I want!

Cost/Available to purchase:  $30 Racor Garden Tool Rack 
$6, $8, $12 SecureHold Tool Holders
Recommendation:  I don't know that I could say a single bad thing about this company or product!  This is a quality made product sure to last a lifetime and more.  I would recommend anyone trying to organize a bit more to look into Racor's garage products!  All are very reasonably priced for this type of quality and solution in my opinion!  This is definitely something we will be removing and taking with us to the next house!
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Giveaway:  Racor is going to give THREE of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Racor Garden Tool Rack and each three sizes of the SecureHold Tool Holders of their own!
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