Dermagist Eye Precision System Review and #Giveaway

        Ok so being a working mother of two small girls is hard enough to find time to do anything especially sleep.  Add going through a divorce on top of this and it makes life ten times more difficult.  The sleepless nights, crying from all the stress really takes a toll on your eyes not looking so fresh and chipper.  Since I am suffering from puffy, red and huge bags under my eyes I was excited to have the opportunity to try out the eye precision system from Dermagist in exchange for a review.  I was a little skeptical because if you have read any of my reviews, you are aware that I have crazy sensitive skin and didn't want to break out around my eyes and make them any worse than they already are.


        I was happy to find that the Dermagist company on a whole is dedicated to making products that are for people with highly sensitive skin.  They list all their ingredients on their website which is nice, especially when buying a product online.  Having super sensitive skin, I like being able to look at the ingredients before buying a product to ensure I am not allergic to any of the ingredients.  This website was super easy to navigate and I love that they have a 800 number to call if you have other questions that are not directly answered on their website.


        When the product arrived I was extra excited because on top of all the things I was dealing with already on a daily basis, the weather in Michigan has warmed up which means allergy season for me.  Yes, here in Michigan I live with two seasons, allergies and Winter.  But the warm weather means my job and my kids have me outside 80% of the day so my eyes go crazy from all the pollen in the air making them more puffy. This also causes less sleep for me at night, since I am up all night blowing my nose and sneezing.

        The Eye Precision System is fantastic!  Not only am I NOT allergic to it, or have any adverse reactions to using it, I actually noticed that the puffiness was going down and has become almost nonexistent.   The bags that are normally under my eyes are minimal and can easily be covered all the way with makeup and not look worse as they did in the past.  I am excited about this product, since it actually is working at least I'm noticing a difference in my appearance.

Cost/Available to Purchase: $119.99 + shipping Eye Precision System 
Recommendation:  I am not one to spend a lot of money on beauty products, I am still using the same foundation from 5 years ago (which I know I shouldn't be doing).  Makeup and beauty products are not all that important to me.  This product definitely works if it can make my eyes look and feel better than they actually are.  I just wouldn't spend that much money on any product, even if it could take me back in time.  If you have the extra money and budget to allow you to spend this much money on a product then I would definitely give this product a go, but on my limited budget, I am grateful that I was able to try this amazing product.
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