Drink Mercy Hangover Prevention Review and #Giveaway

        Now it's no secret that myself and my family is a big group of partiers.  We honestly take every chance we have to get together with friends and family for drinks, games, and socializing of any sort.  Some could even say a little too frequently (haha) . Life is too short in my eyes to not spend it with those you care about doing the things you enjoy.

        Although I enjoy the party life as do others I am close with, no one in their right mind enjoys the day after.  If you know what I am talking about you probably have suffered from a hangover the next morning, causing you to be slow moving, nauseous and have a major headache.  It can be especially rough if you are like many adults and have to go to work or kids to take care of the next morning as believe me kids are not helpful to a mean hangover.  They tend to amplify the punishment of a hangover!

        I have of course my own cure for a hangover as most people do but does it really work...yes to some extent but in reality I think it's all in your head.  Then we saw an ad for something called Drink Mercy a few weeks ago and I had to test it out.  Thankfully they quickly sent me over several cans to review.  Best part is they sent them on time for our Cedar Point trip this past weekend.

        Drink Mercy comes in a can about the same size as the leading energy drinks.  This is a caffeine free drink that is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants to help re-hydrate you after a night of drinking.   This drink is supposed to have a natural citrus flavor and help you wake up refreshed from the night before.

        We took the Drink Mercy with us on our camping trip and I sure wish we would have read the directions the first night we were there. The direction state to make a can of Mercy the last one of the night and suggests that you drink one for every 3-5 drinks you have had.  Because we hadn't read this (of course since we were drinking), we all woke up in the morning and shared a can of the Drink Mercy.

        It seemed to be a milky consistency and had a horrible aftertaste.  But we drank it anyway because if it worked, we were going to be happy about that.  Then as we drank we finally read the directions and realized we were to drink it the night before.  So the second night of camping we used Drink Mercy at the correct time.  This time around, it wasn't as bad to drink and honestly again if it was going to help then "Bottoms Up!"

        The next morning we woke up feeling much better (having drank the same amount as the night before) with no hangover or even a hint of one.  So in our book this was a successful product! We honestly didn't wake up feeling the normal effects a night of indulging would normally bring.

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $14.00 for a 4 pack Store Locator
Recommendation:   After trying this product I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good time at night but doesn't want to feel the effects that come along with indulging in a night of fun.  Although I feel this is a little pricey for a 4 pack of a drink that really isn't that great to drink, but slamming it at the end of the night and waking up hangover free is a wonderful thing.
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Giveaway:  Drink Mercy is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers 3 x 8 packs of Mercy
 of their own!
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  1. I love your great reviews and giveaways! I also just saw that you have a low entry giveaway linky which is awesome! I've never seen that before! That's where I'm headed when I'm done here. :)


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