Hasbro Angry Bird AT-AT Attack Battle Game Review

        Now coming from a large Italian family I am very close with my cousins and growing up I was the youngest and only girl of cousins with about 10 years difference in ages.  That being said I grew up on Star Wars and fell in love with the story.  I am also so happy that both my daughters have been exposed to the Star Wars Saga while young and actually enjoy the originals.  In my family Monopoly was a staple that all the cousins would play together for hours on end.  When I heard that Hasbro had teamed up with Star Wars and were releasing Angry Birds Star Wars version for live action play I was all about it.

        Being that me and the kids play angry bird star wars on my phone all the time, this was a no brainier for us, that we wanted to get this game.  Hasbro offered me one of the games in exchange for a review, how could a star wars loving girl resist.

        Hasbro has so many games that I played in my childhood and I can't wait to share them all with my children.  My brother and I still have Monopoly matches that go on for hours at family functions.  My friends and I love playing Jenga and I often go to establishments that have Jenga on the tables for you to play and hang out.  It is so much better to hang out with friends around a game rather than doing nothing.  Who hasn't played Twister growing up getting all tied up in knots with your friends   Hasbro makes some of the funnest games I have played and continue to play as an adult.
        Angry Birds - who hasn't wasted several hours playing this fun game on their phone, computer, tablet etc?  Trying so hard to knock all those little pigs back home, failing needing only one more bird.  And now they've added Star Wars to this mix, what's not to like about that?!  Shooting little pig Storm Troopers, oh so fun.  I have played my fair share of Angry Birds and I'm addicted to it.

        So when Hasbro sent me this one to review, I was super excited to get it and so was my daughter who calls them "Mean Birds".   I opened this with four children 5 and under. I allowed the children to take the birds and pigs out of the plastic to "help" set up but they couldn't seem to get em out and neither could I for that matter (haha).  They needed a lot of help and it was even difficult for me to get these little pieces out of the plastic.

        Once that was done, it was time to set up the ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS AT-AT ATTACK BATTLE GAME.  I first had to snap three pieces together which took just as long as getting the plastic figures out of the plastic to snap three pieces into place.  Ok now time to build the At-At Walker and place the storm trooper pigs and Vadar pig in place.  "Quick take the picture of it together and let the kids have at it taking turns shooting the Rebel Birds at the At-At walker!" I yelled at Randi.  Before one bird was fired, one of the kids knocked down the At-At Walker and they didn't want to build it again, typical huh? (haha)

        Needless to say this is a lot of work to set up and the concept is pretty cool that Hasbro has brought a video game physically into the home.  I love that this set came with R2 D2 bird, my favorite character so that was bonus points.  But in all actuality this is not the funnest game to play.  It is too much set up and not enough reward in playing it.  But in today's market of all the technology that children are exposed to, I like that Hasbro is trying to get them active and physically doing something instead of sitting in front of a screen.

Cost: $39.99
Recommendation:  The kids enjoyed playing with the little bird pieces, but not actually setting up the game and playing it how it was intended.  I like the game for what it is, but won't be buying any more Angry Bird non-video games in the future.  Taking video games and trying to make them into a physical "board game" doesn't translate well in the long run.
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