Kalorik's Rollie Vertical Cooker Review and #Giveaway

        This is going to sound really strange but I have an obsession with a few types of foods.  The older I get it seems like some of these tastes only amplify - one being with eggs!  I pretty much cook them with everything and anything!  It killed me that when I was pregnant with my youngest they were the only thing that made me sick so I had to go most of a year without eating them (unless I wanted to spend the afternoon in the bathroom)!

        Its funny because when I first saw this next product, I said to myself, "Really what else can they come up with?" But then I quickly realized it was an awesome tool I personally could really use!  The Rollie is a vertical cooking unit for your eggs.  I was pretty pumped when Rollie sent me over one to review and share with all of you!

        The Rollie "combines a cylindrical non-stick cooking surface surrounded by a revolutionary heating element" to make cooking your eggs super simple.  Its virtually impossible to mess eggs up plus there is little to no clean-up.  That is the biggest one for me since I hate having to pull out a small skillet every morning just for my breakfast.

        Event better though is that you can use your Rollie for more than just eggs which makes this mommy happy since one of my kiddos won't come within ten feet of an egg!  I can make him pancake/sausage rollies, ham and cheese sandwhiches or even pizza rollies.  I was a little nervous trying to use this at first because it is a whole new system to me but after the first try or so I got the hang of it and we have been using it like crazy the last week or so.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $29.99 + S&H
Recommendation:  I have to say I love the flexibility of this product!  It would be good to honestly have a few of these if you are planning on making breakfast for a family this way but it is definitely perfect for food on the go.  I do have to say I think it is a little weird eating food shaped this way frequently but for the cost I'd say this is worth the purchase!
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Giveaway:  Kalorik is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Rollie of their own!
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