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         Thankfully there are companies available such as Mr. Beams™ which can help move your family into a greener lifestyle.  Not only can they help save you on your utilities but keep from over using electricity as well.  Mr. Beams™, Wireless Environment, and ReadyBright™ all founded under similar principals are working together to offer families affordable, wireless, and energy efficient solutions.

        Recently Mr. Beams agreed to send me over their ReadyBright™ Starter House Kit (MB240) Wireless LED Power Outage Lighting System to review which was amazing!  This time around they decided send me over Motion-Sensing Path Lights and UltraBright Outdoor Security Spotlight to use for my garden projects.

        First off I was really excited to finally have motion activated path lights since our front door is actually on the side of our home and the normal lighting only barely covers the sidewalk up to the door.  Previously we have had solar lights to avoid all the wiring and having something plugged in but we have just found those don't really last.  The lights are dull to begin with and if the weather is bad you can forget lighting the way!

        With the Motion-Sensing Path Lights, I can be sure my guests will be able to see where they are walking at all times.  My only complaint is that because the light is so powerful it requires 3 C batteries in each light!  That's a lot of batteries to purchase or to worry about replacing.

        The UltraBright Outdoor Security Spotlight was a perfect addition to not only use at the front door or possibly someones garage front but for me to point over to my composting area.  Since I am usually dumping the days food items into the compost in the evening after dinner, I am normally in the dark.

        Because this is motion activated it turns on as soon as I walk out the door and stays lit perfectly bright for a few moments while I toss the compost a bit and return inside!  Again this one requires 4 D batteries which is pretty powerful but I think this one is a little more understandable than the path lights.

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $39.99 Motion-Sensing Path Lights (2) 
$39.99 UltraBright Outdoor Security Spotlight 
Recommendation:  I think the path lights seem a little pricey especially when having to purchase so many batteries to go along with it but otherwise I think both of these products are great.  These can be used for just about any household and you don;t have to worry about the mess of finding spots to hide your wiring.
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  1. I'm most excited about package 2 but I would love any of them!


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