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Natures Dynamics
        I want myself and my children to be healthy but becoming a recently single working mother of two, I find it difficult to find time everyday to cook a well balanced meal for myself and my daughters.  I am happy that I found Nature's Dynamics they quickly agreed to send me over a couple types of vitamins to try out in exchange for a review.


        The one thing I hate doing is spending money on an entire bottle of medication only to have it not taste good and the kids refuse to take it.  I don't like wasting money and now I can't afford to waste any money on items that I think "oh this is good for them I should buy it" and they turn their noses up in disgust.  Plus getting most children to take 'medicine' of any kind can prove to be a task in itself.

        I was sent over their Berry Garden Children's Gummy Multivitamins, Body Boost Men's Energy and Wellness Gummy Multivitamins, Body Boost Energy and Wellness Women's Gummy Multivitamins.  When you first open the children's, they have a strong and overpowering vitamin smell to them.  They are shaped like little bears and are yellow/green in color which the girls liked.  When given to a room of children ages 5. 4 and two 2 year old's, only one 2 year old would even try them.  She definitely enjoyed them though as she asked for as many as I would give her.

        The women's mufti vitamin's do not smell quite as bad as the children's which was surprising and they don't taste bad at all.  I have continued to take two a day since we received them myself.  I don't notice any big difference in my health, but have noticed an increase in my energy level.  I am not a doctor so I'm not saying that my increase in energy is due to the vitamin's but I've got to assume any extra vitamin's are good for you. Plus, since these are all organic I am super excited and proud of what I am putting in my body as well as giving to my children.
Cost/Available to Purchase:  $29.95 Online Prices 
Recommendation:  I would say these are worth the cost with the quality vitamin they are.  I was a fan of the womens and obviously my littlest one liked the children's ones.  I don't know if I would recommend them though for the pickier eaters if your lil one is.

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