Ocufresh Eye Care Line Review and Giveaway

        Being a severe allergy sufferer all my life, I am constantly looking for new eye drops to try and find relief from the itchy, watery eyes.  Since the allergist hasn't given me any prescription eye drops I am going through varies brands trying to find one that will work at least for the moment.  With allergy season has upon us, I was excited to try some of the new products that Ocufresh had to offer.  They sent me a variety of products ranging from daily pills, eye wash, and drops for both contact wearers and non prescription peeps to review.  Since I do not wear contacts I gave that package to Randi for her to try since she does.

        The first product I used was OcuFresh Eye Wash, this was a little different because it is flushing your eyes out using liquid and a cup.  This took a few tries to get the hang of since my eye wanted to automatically close when the liquid went near it.  However, it did get the random cat hair out of my eye that had been bothering me. Unfortunately due to it's involved process I might not be trying this again unless I really need to get my eye flushed out.  I did not like this product as it was an uncomfortable process for me.

        The second product I tried was the OcuSave Eye Vitamin and Mineral supplement.  This is a tiny soft gel which you take daily which seemed to have no aftertaste either as I didn't notice one if there was.  I haven't noticed a difference in my eyes since I started taking them, but I am sure it is doing some good for me.  This supplement is supposed to slow or prevent the progression of macular degeneration and help reduce the risk of cataracts.  It contains minerals to support ocular nutrition and powerful antioxidants of healthy eye vision.  I think anything that can possibly help in those areas can't be bad for you and although I am no doctor I am sure if I had my eyes rechecked 6 months after taking these there would be a noticeable difference..

        The third product I tried was the Mini Lubricant Eye Drops.  These come in easy take with you, single use, throw away viles and are simple to use.  It is as simple as tear one vile off from the rest, twist open the top and put drops in your eyes.  These drops do not burn as some can tend to.  They relieved my itching eyes from whatever allergen was in the air this spring and also helped to moisten them when they were dry throughout the day.  I really like this product especially because I am on the go so much, I can just throw a few of them in my purse and use when I need them.

Cost/Available to purchase: all Walgreen's, Rite-aid's and
Recommendation: I really liked most of the products I tried.  The eye wash just reminded me too much of the eye wash station that was in the since lab rooms at school.  It works wonders but I am not a fan of the method of how it works.  The mini eye drops are amazing and I keep some on my night stand, in my purse and in the medicine cabinet for when I need to re-wet my eyes.  I thought these were all fairly cost worthy purchases for those who need to find relief.
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