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Reading Eggs - Where children learn to read!
        Being from a teaching background I love having my children learn and use technology to help them learn, to make it fun so to speak.  I have used several online learning websites and found success using those websites.  I am always looking for new websites to share with my teacher friends to use in the classroom in increase their students comprehension of material.  These websites are especially good for those learners that learn in a different way and therefore have trouble picking up the lessons as quickly as other students.  I was excited when Reading Eggs approached me to review their website in exchange for a free trial membership.  I quickly got my 4 year old set up and learning on the website.

        Reading Eggs was developed in order to help children learn to read.  It offers individual lessons that allow children to learn and progress at their own speed.  This site was developed by a team of educational teachers, developers and writers to focus on core reading curriculum.  The site exposes children to phonics, sight words and uses strategies needed for retention of these skills.  They are also expanding the website to include a math section that should open in the future.

        When I went to the website I had to sign up for a free trial of what I believed it said 30 day free trial, and then entered my code to get the extra trial time I received for doing the review.  It took a while for the extra free time to apply to the account but it eventually did.  However, it stated on the website that it was a 30 day free trial and a week into it I received an e-mail stating that my free trial was over and they hoped I enjoyed my free trial.  Technical glitches happen all over the internet, it's neither here nor there.
        As far as Mikayla using the site, she enjoyed it but quickly asked to go to a different web site because she was bored.  I did like that the site worked with letters and sounds.  Since she is in Preschool this is where her level is, but it quickly moved her on to words and rhyming.  She did surprisingly well with some of it.  I also liked that this site has a game area as well as a learning path for the kids to use to help them learn.  However, because of this Mikayla was more prone to play the games instead of staying on the lesson path.  I am happy because she is gaining so much education without realizing it, which will put her far ahead of the kids in her age range.

Cost/Available to Purchase: $49.95 for a six month subscription or $75.00 for a year subscription but they offer 14 day free trial
Recommendation:  I would recommend this site to anyone looking to give their child an advantage or if their child is struggling with reading, phonics or other language arts skills.  The website is designed to start at age 3 and continue through 13 years of age.  This is very comprehensive and all around a great site, very comparable to other sites of the same nature.
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