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It never fails, I forget to water my plants one day and everything goes down hill from there.  They each slowly begin to die or just don't end up the same for the rest of the season.  So I was pretty pump to hear about this neat little gadget called Koubachi.

"Thanks to the unique Plant Care Engine (PCE), Koubachi is able to advise you about everything your plant needs: water, fertilizer, hu­mi­di­ty, temperature and light! Koubachi not only tells you WHEN to care for your plants, but also gives you specific instructions HOW."

"Access your plants on the iPhone or Web App, always and everywhere. Notifications, advices and alarms are directly sent to you, through push-notifications on your iPhone or by e-mail. All your data, plants and settings are fully syn­chro­nized to the Koubachi Cloud and thus always up-to-date on all devices!"

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  1. I would use this on my strawberry plants!


  2. I would use these on my vegetable plants - actually my husband would. I kill everything I try to grow!

  3. I have a lovely garden planted with tomatoes, peppers, peas, cantaloupe, cucumbers, and onions and so far it's doing pretty well however the problem I have had the most with in previous years is with watering I either end up giving them too much water or not enough. I would love to have a product like this to help take some of the guess work out of the process.

  4. omg what on earth will they invent next really that it total insane but really cool who ever thought of that is goon make millions


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