Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag Review and #Giveaway

TETON Sports
        When I was younger we used to camp at least two times a month.  It is one of my favorite childhood memories and honestly one of the only quality times we had spent as a family.  Although Michigan doesn't allow for a long summer season, you will find us outdoors six out of seven nights a week and from the first remotely warm day (above 60 degrees outside) to the first day of snow camping or participating in outdoor sports if we can.  Our falls are perfect camping and bonfire weather.

        When you decide to truly camp it means accepting all sorts of weather conditions that could potentially happen.  When we camped as a family, I was always the first one booted from the campers into the tents with my friends of course because we were the oldest.  There were always nights where it would rain or the temperature would drop pretty low and all we had was layers upon layers of blankets to keep us warm.

        Although we stayed warm it was fairly uncomfortable to sleep with that much bedding in a small tent let alone to manage anything else like clothing in the tent.  Now as a married adult camping, my husband and I tend to share a sleeping bag.  Even though I truly love to cuddle with him, I also don't want to sleep on top of him to stay covered or warm!

        On our recent trip to Camp Sandusky, we were able to finally share a sleeping bag AND feel as though we were still sleeping alone ALL because of Teton Sports!  Previously, Teton Sports and I worked together on reviewing one of their Rolling Duffle Bags and this time around they graciously agreed to send me their Mammoth 0°F Sleeping Bag to review!

        This sleeping bag is the bomb!  Honestly it has quilting  throughout and "cushioning around zipper and shoulder to keeps drafts out".  Built for two or more people it has three sided zippering for easy access from either side.  Luckily for a family like us (since we let our children sleep in our own bed) this is roughly the size of a queen mattress so we can even fit one of the little ones if we want!

        Best of all there is a Oxford Compression Sack with Drawstring Closure to hold the sleeping back when not in use!  THIS IS GREAT!  I cannot stand trying to roll a sleeping bag and transporting it only to have it fall apart and become more of a pain that it is worth!  I even love the "mummy style" hood which holds my pillow in place as I sleep since there is nothing I hate more than my pillow getting dirty or touching the ground - plus I tend to roll around while sleeping!

        Teton Sports "was started in 2005 in Utah with a very long not-to-do list as opposed to the traditional to-do list. We do just a few things, but we try hard to do them well."  Their short but great list of products include sleeping bags, tents, bags/backpacks, cots, and a variety of accessories.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $199 Amazon or Sportsmans Warehouse
Recommendation:  This is going to last a long time and is at a great price for such an awesome investment!  I cannot believe how comfortable this is and worth every penny!  This would make a great gift idea for the outdoorsy person in your life.  I can't wait to go camping now (even in the cold)!
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Giveaway:  Teton Sports is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's very lucky readers a Mammoth Sleeping Bag of their own!
This will be part of the Cuddle up Outdoors Giveaway beginning on 5/27/13

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  1. This is perfect for our co-sleeping family! We are starting on a camping adventure in two weeks and are hoping to go twice per month for the summer!


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