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        Yet another company I have wanted to work with for quite some time since being a product reviewer has been The Ultimate Green Store.  They are like the Bed Bath and Beyond for us tree huggin' hippies!  They are one of the leading retailers of Eco-friendly and organic products for the home and everyone in the family including babies and kids.  You can find just about anything you are in need of with the planet in mind.  So needless to say, when I was finally asked to review one of their products, I was pretty pumped and then to be asked a second time it gave me the warm and fuzzies!

        The Ultimate Green Store carries "products from many of the world’s leading manufacturers and designers of sustainable, natural, organic, recycled, eco-friendly goods- products that are made with your health and the health of our planet in mind. Many of these companies are amongst the most socially responsible companies around. We also carry some green products made by companies that did not start out with environmental concerns in mind, but now realize the importance of sustainable practices and production in launching green lines within their category. We hope that in supporting these manufacturers, they will continue to move in this positive direction."

        So my question to you is, who here uses plastic baggies for sandwiches/snacks?  Howabout when/if you pack your lunch for work and the kids lunches for school?  What types of products do you load up in the lunch pack?  Well, there are so many edible products out there that the packaging either goes into the trash after eating or other products that people easily toss into a sandwich baggie which is then too thrown away after as well!  This makes me sad to see when I know I can simply use reusable containers for my children's and my own lunches.

        I was sent out the Bento Lunch Box 2.0 in Primary from Laptop Lunches.  My family very rarely uses paper/plastic anything because I won't let them.  Not only is this a another great way to reduce your families waste but it keeps lunches nice a neat with out squished sandwiches or bruised fruit!

        "The Bento Lunch Box 2.0 is completely free of phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), PVC and lead."  It comes with five easily organized containers which can hold a variety of foods without concern for spills.  I love that I can make things like a pudding or jello and keep it one of the containers so I don't have to buy the prepackaged stuff which just end up in the trash at the end of the day.  Same goes for condiments as there is a perfectly sized container for this as well!

I should be receiving a 2nd product from them as well any day here which will be the Recycled Tire Bifold Wallet in celebration of Father's Day!  This would make a great gift for the man in your life especially if he is a fellow tree huggin hippie!!

Cost/Available to purchase:  $21.99 Bento Lunch Box
$34.95 Recycled Tire Bifold Wallet
Recommendation:  Obviously this is just one item from the store so I definitely recommend checking out all they have.  But beware if this type of planet conscious products interests you be prepared to spend hours browsing through everything.  I do think this is a little expensive for something like this and would like to see it at about $10-15.
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