Upere Wedge Sneakers in Black Suede Review

        So by now you probably all know that my daughter and I differ majorly in style.  One of those funny things about our family though is my husband has amazing taste and sense of style especially when it comes to shoes.  Being that he has worked in shoe stores most his life, I'd say this is one of his areas of expertise.  He really enjoys shoes (more than most any man I've ever met) and he knows them well.

        Somehow even after leaving his retail job he is able to keep up with the latest top trends.  One of which I personally think is the ugliest style around.  Girls are now wearing high top tennis shoes with things like skirts or dresses.  Recently I was contacted by Upere and they asked if I would be willing to review one of their styles of shoes. I just knew these would be perfect for Alana (even if I didn't like the style).

        Sure enough once she knew they were coming she was extremely excited and anxious. She impatiently asked me every few days if they were coming in the mail soon!  Once the Upere Wedge Sneakers in Black Suede arrived she opened them immediately!  She has worn these with several different outfits and complimented on how comfortable they are.

        However, our only complaint was that they must have sprayed them prior to shipping with a protective seal or something similar because upon opening they reeked like chemicals.  Because of this we had to stick them in the garage for a few days to air them out before wearing them indoors.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $169.78 Upere Wedge Sneakers in Black Suede 
Recommendation:  Honestly, it completely depends on who you ask...I think they are ugly and would never in my life buy a pair of shoes for this much let alone even over $100.  But my daughter, mother and sister are all fashionistas and for the right pair I don't think the cost would matter.
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