Xlear Kids Nasal Spray Review and #Giveaway

        Being a lifelong allergy sufferer, I am always looking for new products to help ease the runny nose and sneezing fits that come with my allergies.  I was apprehensive to try a nose spray, especially one that is not prescription but thought what could it hurt. You all know Randi has been talking a ton about Xlear as she recently was given the opportunity to attend an event in Mexico on behalf of Xlear where she learned all about its benefits.  

        Because of my extreme allergies Randi asked me to review the Nasal Spray for kids and I was more than willing to give it a try.  I am beginning to think that my children take after me and are going to be allergy sufferers too.  My youngest seems to have a constant cold, it goes away for about a week or two then comes right back, however, she is too young to have testing done yet.
        The nasal spray works just as any other nasal spray (such as saline), which my kids are used to using, so it wasn't a problem to get them to use it.  When Hannah was completely stuffed up, I used the nose spray as directed and within a few minutes she was already perking up.  Since her nose was unplugged, she was able to breath much more normally.  This made me super happy, because normally finding relief from runny or stuffy nose takes time for the medicine to get into your system and we all know how miserable children can get when they are sick.

        Hannah and Mikayla have both used this product frequently and normally have a quick period of time between using the product and feeling better from their aliments of the common cold or allergies.  I love that it is just a couple drops into their nostrils and then it is done.  They don't have to take any medication and they suffer no side effects of using this product.  Using this nasal spray can also help with preventing other frequent issues in children like ear aches!!

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $6.99 Xlear
Recommendation: From someone who has tried all the different products out there, I recommend this nasal spray for both adults and children.  It works!  Plain and simple
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Giveaway:  Xlear is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers the Kids Nasal Spray to try of their own!
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  1. Thank you for the chance to win and for letting us know about products that I didn't know about before.


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